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Sigma Connectivity and ARscandinavia join forces in a strategic partnership.

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Sigma Connectivity and ARscandinavia join forces in a strategic partnership.

ARscandinavia and Sigma Connectivity join forces to speed up the AR revolution.

Today, 02/07/18, Sigma Connectivity and ARscandinavia teamed up in a strategic partnership which promise further development and realization of AR (augmented reality). ARscandinavia, the only European investment company of its kind, sees Sigma Connectivity as a strong leader in their portfolio of partners.

ARscandinavia´s vision since the beginning has always been to support European companies within the areas of AR/VR in order for these companies to compete with the Asian and American market.

“We’re happy be adding such an established company to our portfolio, and with that gaining access to the most competent engineers in the industry” – Fredrik Nilsson, CEO ARscandinavia.

“The demand for Augmented Reality experience are increasing. A very beneficial partnership toboth companies and our customers.” – Ola Möllerström, deputy CEO Sigma Connectivity.

Sigma Connectivity has since 2013 been partnering up with industry leading companies that invest in future technologies, solutions and services. Therefore, partnering up with a company like ARscandinavia is just natural and exciting part of their rapidly growing business.

Sigma Connectivity AB

Sigma Connectivity is a design house and consultancy in one, and has since being aquired from Sony Mobile in 2013, sucessfully increased the number of active engineers from from 180 to over 500. Sigma Connectivity´s competence is founded in the R&D investments Ericsson has made in Lund during decades. The client list consists of leading international and swedish companies investing in future technologies for digitalization of products and services.

ARscandinavia AB

ARscandinavia AB is the only European investment firm focusing on Augmented Reality: a promising innovation set to become the next major technology revolution after internet & mobile phones. Headquartered in Malmö the company aims to develop an AR-hub in Southern Sweden. Helping clients invest into European AR-industry leaders and supporting them in developing these ground-breaking technologies, AR Scandinavia is ultimately striving to offer the market new and exceptional ways of communicating, interacting and living.

For more information, contact:

Ola Möllerström

CMO & Deputy CEO Sigma Connectivity AB



Fredrik Nilsson

Founder & CEO AR Scandinavia AB



Elin Jönsson

PR & Communications Manager Sigma Connectivity AB


+46 702 209 549



Sigma är ett ledande konsultföretag som arbetar för att öka sina kunders konkurrenskraft. För att nå dit kombinerar vi vårt tekniska know-how med ett brinnande intresse för att ständigt utveckla bättre lösningar. Vi är 3 900 medarbetare i 12 länder. 

Sigma ägs av Danir AB, som är familjen Dan Olofssons holdingbolag.