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Argan oil

Favorites #2

Having favourites is fortunately neither definitive nor exclusionary, favourites change according to mood, season and occasion.

Right now I’m most of all happy for a small bottle of Argan oil from Kaeline, "Argarôme Soir Réparateur" (overnight repair) which I use around the clock under my face cream. With a high content of vitamin E it smoothes, repairs and leaves my facial skin in good shape.

 Oil therapy has been used for centuries. The unique composition allows oils to draw out impurities, while at the same time they are immediately absorbed by the skin, resulting in maximum hydration for smoother younger looking skin.

 Argan oil products are ideal for all skin types ranging from teenagers with acne prone skin to men and women with dry, sensitive, oily, mature and aging skin.

 In SLOWFASHIONhouse you can buy my favorite Argan oil products. The products are 100% pure and organic without any additives, conservatives or chemical components. Kaeline products are ECOCERT and COSMEBIO certified. The oil production is managed by a cooperative of women with the help of a European NGO. This gives an improved standard of living to rural families by providing these women with wages.

The Argan is an indigenous tree of South Morocco, growing in a region that runs from Safi in the North to the edge of the Sahara in the South.
The tree is member of the Sapotaceae family, which also includes the shea tree.

Its roots, extending over a large area and going very deep, can search out water at more than 30 metres under the ground, which helps it survive the dry periods that can last for several months each year.

The tree reaches heights of 8 – 10 meters and its shape is similar to an olive tree. Its lifespan is quite long and it is not uncommon for it to reach ages of 150 – 200 years.

The tree has small oval greenish yellow fruits (nuts) that become brown when they ripen and contain a very hard shell that encloses one to three almond-like kernels. The ripening period is quite long, up to 2 years.
Argan oil comes from the nuts. It contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in essential fatty acids. Kernels may be roasted for flavour before pressing, but the unroasted oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin, can be used for cooking as well and is claimed to have various medicinal properties, such as lowering cholesterol levels, stimulating circulation and strengthening the body's natural defences.

Rigetta Klint, editor


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