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Camilla Thulin in SLOWFASHIONhouse

The beauty department " Bathroom" in the virtual departmentstore welcomes 

TURKISH BATH by Camilla Thulin

Treasures from a vanished past: the finest towels and bath towels in traditional design and weave, delicate and generous, and in every sense something completely out of the ordinary. The finest qualities of flat and terry cloth woven cotton, bamboo, silk and jute for a truly luxurious and genuine home spa experience. Beautiful in any bathroom, gorgeous for wrapping around your body, easily carried and practical at the beach. Functional too, drying you well and drying fast afterwards. Add to this the most sensuous handmade soaps made from organic ingredients — a base of olive oil supplemented with fine oils like rose, lavender or cinnamon.
Every single item carefully selected by Turkey-devoted Camilla Thulin, renowned Swedish designer, costumier and stylist.



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SLOWFASHIONhouse was launched in August 2008 by Danish designer Rigetta Klint and is the result of a long standing relationship with design and fashion. The virtual department store links innovative designers together, working as a meeting point for various contemporary cultural expressions. SLOWFASHIONhouse offers a global audience a careful selection of sustainable high-end fashion, design and lifestyle products in a unique and inspirational atmosphere. The virtual department store is frequently complemented with one day live events around the world where the concept is brought to the physical reality.


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