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LPKF LaserWelding
LPKF LaserWelding

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Don´t miss to visit LPKF LaserWelding GmbH at the K Fair 19 - 26 October

    Meet LPKF LaserWelding GmbH at the K Fair 2016

    LPKF PowerWeld 6600 - Top Player
    Has a new look and feel, it is designed for easy operating and
    maintenance. There is a servo clamping included - homogeneous
    pressure distribution without air pressure. The Soft PLC is ready
    for future upgrades. The new system software LPKF ProSeT 3D with 
    easy process setup and faster processing routines

    Increasing Value through Innovative Software
    The LPKF ProSeT 3D - CAM software with contour generated from
    CAD data by a click of a mouse and recognizes tool path automatically.
    It gererates optimized welding path and considers crossbars of DCD
    clamping devices. It uses real dimensions e.g. millimeter - offline
    editing possible. 

    The LPKF WeldPro - system management has a system control with
    modern user interface based on soft SPS. You can reteach contour
    manually and process monitoring. There is a melt travel control for ok/nok
    detection and scan field calibration. The LPKF WeldPro is flexible and
    sustainable because of soft SPS.

    Latest news at K Fair
    The LPKF PowerWeld 3D 8000 is the latest news at the K -Fair 
    and this machine can weld large parts up to 1000 x 700 x 400 m3.
    You can change the welding contour with a click of a mouse and
    get a monitored welding process. This is a maintenance friendly
    welding system with maximum uptime.

    Don´t miss to visit LPKF LaserWelding GmbH at the K Fair
    19 - 26 October in hall 11, stand 11E04.  






Karoline Ljung

Presskontakt +46 (0)40 53 66 23

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