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Cadillac signs up for another year as the Official Car Partner with Stockholm International Film Festival

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Cadillac signs up for another year as the Official Car Partner with Stockholm International Film Festival

Cadillac will continue its collaboration with Stockholm International Film Festival as the Official Car Partner. As last year Cadillac will return to Norrmalmstorg in central Stockholm with a new spectacular brand activation, where visitors can enjoy an electrifying experience with the brand's first EV in Europe, the Cadillac LYRIQ EV.

The great news for 2024 is that Cadillac will participate with activations at the festival's three other main events during the year, Stockholm Film Festival Junior April 8-14, Drive-In June 12-16, the biggest outdoor cinema in Europe - Sommarbio August 14-18 and at Stockholm International Film Festival which takes place during two fully packed festival-weeks November 6 – 17, where 130 films from 50 different countries will be shown to the audience on site.

General Motors Europe Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Sledziewski says: "Cadillac is a cultural icon with more than 120 years of history being featured across film. We are very excited to leverage this unique connection and collaborate
in the support of film with the Stockholm Film Festival."

"We are happy to continue this successful and joyful partnership together with Cadillac. The first year was a great ride and this year we are looking forward to take the collaboration even further. Can't wait to see all of the exciting projects we have together come to life. This is the next step for us on our journey to make the festival one of the leading, sustainable film festivals in Eu
rope." says Magnus Larsson, Head of Marketing Stockholm International Film Festival.

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Stockholm International Film Festival

For more information about Stockholm International Film Festival visitstockholmfilmfestival.se/en

For more information about Cadillac visit https://www.cadillaceurope.com...



Stockholm International Film Festival | November 6-17 2024

The Stockholm Film Festival has been one of Europe's leading film festivals since its inception in 1990, and the 2024 edition is no exception. Featuring over 130 film premieres from countries around the world, the festival offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of international cinema.



Magnus Larsson

Magnus Larsson

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Stockholms internationella filmfestival

Stockholm International Film Festival | November 6 - 17 2024

Stockholm International Film Festival started in 1990 and is today one of the leading film festivals in Europe. The 2024 edition of the festival will include over 100 film premiers from all over the world. We also arrange Stockholm Film Festival Junior, Drive-in, Sommarbio, exclusive screenings and special events throughout the year.