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Bahar Pars, Noah Ragert,Daniel Espinosa,Sara Shirpey. Photo: Zoltan Kurhejja/ Stockholms filmfestival 2023
Bahar Pars, Noah Ragert,Daniel Espinosa,Sara Shirpey. Photo: Zoltan Kurhejja/ Stockholms filmfestival 2023

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Stockholm International Film Festival proudly presents Nikon Short Film Award 2023 winner: Noah Ragert

The Nikon Short Film Award is Stockholm International Film Festival's short film competition in collaboration with Nikon. It is a short film competition with a maximum duration of 60 seconds for films, open to filmmakers from across Europe. After receiving over 100 creative submissions, 6 nominees were selected. Now, a winner has been chosen. Noah Ragert, takes home an incredibly artistic film prize, a custom-made festival statuette by Kosta Boda's artist Markus Åkesson.

"I am very grateful for receiving this wonderful award; it feels absolutely incredible. Of course, I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who has helped me make this film possible. My goal is to work as a cinematographer, and this award is definitely something that both assists and encourages me on the journey!" - Noah Ragert

The winning short film will be shown at Stockholm International Film Festival and Noah will also receive a Nikon camera and lens of his choice to encourage the creation of the next short film. Also, receive a hand made glass sculpture by the artist Markus Åkesson via Kosta Boda. In addition to the Nikon camera and lens, Noah Ragert will also receive professional guidance from an established Swedish filmmaker. Last year's filmmaker was award-winning director Tarik Saleh.

The winning short film "Final Countdown" (60 sec) will be shown at the festival on November 17th in connection with the Award Ceremony.

Jury's motivation:

In just one minute, the film manages to play with our perceptions of time and space, create a captivating journey through the most classic scenes and lines in film history, dare to use technical elements, and weave it together with humor and originality. We believe in the power and playfulness of this filmmaker.
Therefore, the prize is awarded to "FINAL COUNTDOWN"

The official jury for the competition consisted of Hollywood director Daniel Espinosa, together with Rising Star-winning actress Sara Shirpey and actress and director Bahar Pars



Stockholms Internationella Filmfestival | November 8-19 2023

The Stockholm Film Festival has been one of Europe's leading film festivals since its inception in 1990, and the 2023 edition is no exception. Featuring over 130 film premieres from countries around the world, the festival offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of international cinema.

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