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Lisa Elfström, CEO at SundaHus i Linköping AB
Lisa Elfström, CEO at SundaHus i Linköping AB

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SundaHus launches a completely new version of SundaHus Material Data

This month, the environmental IT company SundaHus is releasing its biggest update so far of the SundaHus Material Data system. The development of the system has been based on the construction industry’s increased focus on hazardous substances in construction products including a more circular built environment, green building certifications and "logbooks" for buildings. Clients that use the system for making conscious material choices (i.e. for avoiding products with hazardous substances and for documenting all choices used on the property over time) now get access to an even more flexible and project-focused tool. This means that the system has both improved and completely novel functions for tasks such as management of products that do no not comply with the project’s environmental requirements and for registration of product locations and quantity. Furthermore, the interface has become even more clear and intuitive than previously.

- SundaHus Material Data was first launched in 2003, with the vision of making it easier for the industry to gain knowledge on and avoid products with hazardous substances. Since then we have continued to develop the system and now it is almost a "hygiene factor" to work with conscious material choices in the construction industry in Sweden, says Lisa Elfström, CEO of SundaHus i Linköping AB. I even dare to say that SundaHus has been a major contributing factor to the development in the industry by digitizing and streamlining work both through the system itself and through our services.

Today, more and more different types of environmental requirements are imposed on construction products. These requirements vary for different clients and projects. For example, one project may be required to pass level B in accordance with SundaHus's assessment criteria, while other projects may have requirements in accordance building certification schemes such as the Nordic Swan or the Swedish certification system Miljöbyggnad. This new version of SundaHus Material Data implements the specific environmental requirements for each project and presents how a product measures up to them. For example, if a building is to be certified according to the Miljöbyggnad level silver, a green “thumbs up” is displayed for all products that meet the exact criteria.

- In this new version, we have also made a substantial technological advancement that will make our future maintenance and development of the system easier and more effective. Above all, we hope that the update contributes to even more simple and efficient work with conscious material choices, thereby encouraging the industry to create a long-term valuable built environment that promotes human and environmental health, concludes Lisa Elfström.

This release is the first in a series of steps towards new functions and opportunities in SundaHus Miljödata. The focus for coming releases is for example more functions for the property management stage, improved support for suppliers of construction products and additional project functionality.

The new version of SundaHus Material Data will be published on Thursday, December 5th, which means that the system will be temporarily shut down from Wednesday, December 4th at 4 pm. 



SundaHus erbjuder fastighetsägare trygghet, nu och i framtiden, genom ett brett utbud av tjänster för medvetna materialval. Med ett webbaserat system och kvalificerad rådgivning är SundaHus en helhetslösning för att systematisera arbetet med att fasa ut farliga ämnen i en byggnads hela livscykel.

SundaHus i Linköping AB (publ) grundades 1990 som ett konsultbolag för en bättre inomhusmiljö och är idag en ledande aktör på området medvetna materialval.

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SundaHus erbjuder fastighetsägare trygghet nu och i framtiden

SundaHus verkar inom bygg- och fastighetssektorn och hjälper företag och organisationer med att skapa giftfria och långsiktigt värdefulla byggda miljöer genom enkla och effektiva lösningar för medvetna materialval. SundaHus är en del av iBinder Group.