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Fredrik Johansson, Founder of Libonomy
Fredrik Johansson, Founder of Libonomy

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Swedish blockchain company Libonomy enters multi billion market

Swedish blockchain company Libonomy, a part of RZ Capital Holding AB, has signed a partnership agreement with Vip2Fan, a Spanish entertainment management company. Libonomy’s groundbreaking AI fueled blockchain technology will serve as the core solution when Vip2Fan now ventures into the tokenization and NFT mass market space. Millions of people that already follow Vip2Fan’s collection of music artists, sports and movie stars on social media platforms, will be offered to buy their favorite celebrities’ crypto tokens.

These tokens are created on the Libonomy blockchain and will be valid as payment method for various special campaigns, products and events. Superior speed, reliability, scalability and ease of use were key decision factors for Vip2Fan when choosing the right solution provider for their transaction intensive new service.

The agreement is estimated to provide opportunities for revenues in excess of SEK 100 millions when concepts are fully developed.

Libonomy has designed a unique and revolutionary way to create and manage tokens via a one click smart contract wizard interface. This enables Vip2Fan to generate and issue a new fan token in literally minutes at a fraction of the cost, time and resources any other blockchain allows.

Libonomy, in addition to delivering its proprietary blockchain solution, also provides Vip2Fan with development services in the process of designing the new soon to be launched V2F Exchange. This marketplace for fan tokens and other common crypto assets is a one of a kind multi-currency wallet and trading platform, holding thousands of various tokens on a scale beyond any other exchange in the world of crypto.

“I am super excited to announce the most important agreement we have had so far. After months of conversations and drafting of the agreement, I can confirm that we finally have the impressive technology of the software company Libonomy that allows us to tokenize our company as well as the creation and sale of the fan tokens for all our VIPs. We have found in Libonomy the perfect partner to lead our company to success. Within this agreement, a series of milestones have been set which, if fulfilled, open up the possibility of acquiring its technology and integrating it into VIP assets”, says Dimitri Arroba Luyten, Partner and New Business Vip2Fan

“Libonomy has always had in its DNA to solve and innovate in the obstacles posed by new technologies related to the blockchain. Until now all the practical cases were focused on communities or profiles with a high technological profile and it was very difficult to reach the public in a massive way with our technological solutions. We found in Vip2Fan a perfect business model for a growing industry and the vehicle to deliver our technology to the masses, through this platform and its VIPs. We are totally confident that together we can revolutionize the sector and make a real difference”, says Fredrik Johansson, Founder of Libonomy.

For more information please contact:
Peter Davin
Chairman of the Board
+46 701-839 199

About Libonomy and Vip2Fan:
Libonomy is a new, universal hybrid blockchain built through a completely new concept with an artificial intelligence that controls Libonomy's consensus Aphelion. Libonomy creates a decentralized network with simplified user experience, higher transaction speed, improved security while making it possible to communicate with other blockchains without a third-party solution.




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