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CLAAS unveils next-generation dual rotor swathers with central swathing

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CLAAS unveils next-generation dual rotor swathers with central swathing

Bad Saulgau/Harsewinkel, 7 September 2021. CLAAS has updated its programme of dual-rotor central swathers with the launch of seven new models with simplified controls and the customary first-class performance. Two BUSINESS models with ACTIVE FLOAT rotor suspension complete the new range.

CLAAS is a leading supplier of rotary swathers. The product portfolio has now been revamped with seven new dual-rotor central swathers, including two BUSINESS versions. The new models offer numerous innovative features and functions designed to make life easier for users and guarantee premium forage quality.

Overview of the new LINER 3100 - 2600 from CLAAS


Working width

Rotor diameter

Tine arms per rotor


8.70 - 10.00 m

4200 mm



8.00 - 9.00 m

3800 mm



8.00 - 9.00 m

3800 mm



7.40 - 8.20 m

3500 mm



6.80 - 7.40 m

3500 mm



6.80 - 7.40 m

3200 mm



6.20 - 6.80 m

2900 mm


Intelligent suspension for perfect ground-contour following

Like their predecessors, the latest generation LINER dual-rotor swathers offer excellent ground-contour following for clean raking with low forage contamination. The GRASS CARE rotor guidance system ensures that the rotors are actively suspended during operation. When the rotor arms are lowered, the rear rotor wheels touch down first, producing a ‘jet-effect’ that prevents the tines from digging in and damaging the grass sward. The BUSINESS models are equipped with individual rotor lift that is preselected on the terminal as standard; this function is optionally available for direct spool valve operation in the TREND model.

All rotors are fitted with a four-wheel chassis as standard; the basic configuration for the LINER 3100 has a six-wheel chassis. The wheels are positioned close to the circle of rotation of the tines to ensure smooth rotor guidance and optimum ground-contour following. The front two chassis wheels are steerable. Six-wheel chassis are optionally available for the LINER 2900 to 2700. With this option, the rear rotor wheels are replaced with pendulum axles. The chassis design pulls the rotors across the field which, combined with the floating cardan suspension with generous three-dimensional rotational movement, ensures outstanding ground-contour following even on slightly uneven ground. This provides optimum raking performance with minimal forage contamination.

The rake height can be easily read off the scale on the rotor’s central shaft and quickly adjusted by means of a crank handle on the rotors. Hydraulic rotor height adjustment is also optionally available for the dual-rotor swathers with central swathing. With the LINER 2900 and 2800 BUSINESS, the height of each rotor can be controlled separately using the preselection function on the ergonomic CEMIS 10 control unit and then actuating the tractor spool valve. As an option, the TREND version of the LINER dual-rotor swather can be supplied with hydraulic rotor height adjustment with direct spool valve control.

Simple settings and efficient drive

The tine arms of the LINER 3100 to 2700 models are firmly attached by the 20-spline shaft with no play and secured with a PROFIX bracket. In the event of a collision with an object, the tine arms deflect at a predefined bending point to avoid damaging the auxiliary gearbox. Inserting and removing the tine arms is quick and very straightforward. The dual tines with windings are fitted on the tine arm and secured with a bolt to reduce the risk of breakage. Should a breakage occur, the retainer reliably prevents the tine from flying off. Each tine arm is fitted with five 9.5 mm thick dual tines. The double-angle silage tine is kinked at an angle of 10 degree to create a 10 mm long trailing end to help lift the crop off the stubble. This design ensures gentle and effective raking performance and optimal swath formation.

The rotors are fitted with individual friction clutches to protect against overload – they respond more smoothly than cam clutches and allow work to continue non-stop even during load peaks. The shaft speed in the two Y-gearboxes on the main frame has been reduced from 540 to 350 rpm to protect the drivetrain. The freewheel of the drive shaft is positioned directly inside the Y-gearbox, enabling the rotors to rotate freely in transport position.

In the LINER 3100, 2900 and 2800 the working width and swath width are adjusted hydraulically and synchronously using the telescopic arms. In the LINER 2700 and 2600 they are adjusted mechanically. The LINER 2700 uses a pin and hole system with four different positions; in the LINER 2600 three different working widths can be set using adjustment bolts.

ACTIVE FLOAT for LINER 2900 and 2800

ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic rotor suspension is available exclusively for the two LINER 2900 BUSINESS and LINER 2800 BUSINESS models. This functions in a similar way to the suspension of the same name in the DISCO CONTOUR disc mowers. ACTIVE FLOAT is easy adjusted directly on the machine, with a gauge on the main frame indicating the pressure in the hydraulic circuits. The ground pressure of the rotor can be adapted precisely to the forage quantity and ground conditions by adjusting the suspension pressure. This ensures faster operating speeds and reduces crude ash contamination.

Agile and stable on field and road

All new LINER dual-rotor swathers are steered by a wide, robust transport axle with zero-play mechanical forced steering. The steering angle can be mechanically adjusted from a soft to a sharp response and for turning. The angled position of the wheel mounts ensures that only light steering forces are needed and also makes for perfectly smooth running. Speeds of up to 40 km/h can be achieved on road.

The LINER 3100 comes with wheel weights as standard to further improve stability. Wheel weights are optionally available for all other LINER dual-rotor swathers.

The LINER 3100 to 2700 have a transport width of 2.97m, while with 260/75-15.3 tyres, the LINER 2600 comes in at 2.55 m allowing better access through small gates and narrow roads. All LINER dual-rotor swathers except the LINER 3100 comply with a transport height of 4.00m with tine arms attached. The LINER 3100 achieves this height by removing three tine arms per rotor.

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