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Vironova MiniTEM™
Vironova MiniTEM™

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MiniTEM™ for quality analysis of phage preparations - poster presentation at the Phage Future Congress 2019

On January 29th Vironova will be attending The Phage Futures Congress in Washington D.C. to follow key industry trends together with peers from biotech companies and academia. Experts from regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies and government institutions will discuss how to actively progress clinical science and viable phage application routes to market.

Bacteriophages are a promising alternative treatment for (antimicrobial resistant) bacterial infections. A simple method to determine the stability and integrity of phage cocktails over time is needed to guarantee the success of phage treatment.

Meet our US Sales Development Managers Chris Bishop, Ulla Sundberg, and Ph.D and Senior Scientsit Vanessa Carvalho from Vironova in the dedicated poster area, where we have a poster presentation to show the potential of MiniTEM™. Our desktop low-voltage (25 keV) transmission electron microscope.

MiniTEM is used to automatically acquire images of phage cocktails of different integrities and Vironova have developed a script that detects, and provides morphological measurements of, phages particles. The direct visual information on sample content and particle morphology were key for understanding the number and intactness of the different phage particles comprising the cocktail targeting Escherichia coli.

In short, at our poster session at the Phage Futures Congress, we will show that MiniTEM™ can be applied for quality analysis of phage preparations.

Meet Vironova at The Phage Congress 2019 in Washington DC

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Vironova is a Swedish biotechnology company providing comprehensive, hardware, software and services for the analysis of nanoparticles. Vironova revolutionizes access to transmission electron microscopy (TEM)-based image analysis in biopharmaceutical development. Our solution enables automated analyses for faster and better-informed decisions to secure robust bioprocessing and final product quality.

The Vironova offering comprises:

  • Cost effective, fast Electron Microscopy (EM) services enabled by the in-house developed Vironova Analyzing Software (VAS) designed for semi-automated nanoparticle analysis
  • Viral clearance testing performed in GLP and BSLIII certified laboratories
  • MiniTEM™, a bench-top Transmission Electron Microscope system designed for automated nanoparticle characterization. High-resolution images reveal particle morphologies that are transformed into accurate metrics.

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Mohammed Homman

Mohammed Homman

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