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Meet Hampus – the triathlete who loves problem solving

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Meet Hampus – the triathlete who loves problem solving

He deeply cares for our planet and runs the extra mile to make a positive climate change – both literally and figuratively, as he holds the two titles of triathlete and engineer.

We're super happy that he joined Reliefed’s head office in Varberg and significantly powered up the strength of the team behind z.trusion®. Say hello to Hampus, one of our outstanding Project Managers!

Hi Hampus! How would you describe yourself as a person?

Hello there! Well, I'm basically a happy tech nerd who love challenges and hold sustainability issues close to heart. I'm also a time optimist who suffer from morning fatigue and live by the motto “nothing is impossible”.

What first sparked your interest in the field of engineering?

Problem solving! I love to be part of a team finding new solutions to problems and creative challenges.

What is your background?

Where to start... I studied to become an aerospace engineer where I learned about aerodynamics and gas turbines but never felt quite at home. So I moved on and got involved in material development issues and simulation-based support as an application and product developer for a plastic distributor. Varnished plastic details were also my main focus when I later worked in the automotive industry.

What is your role at Reliefed?

Here I get to use a lot of my collected experience. I run projects and evaluates material behaviors of mainly plastics and polymers. Visualization of concepts, drawings of tools and design engineering work is also on my table. I give the sales team support at start-up meetings with new customers, where I explain the possibilities and known limitations of our technology.

What do you specialize in work wise?

Me and my colleague Christopher, who also is a Project Manager, have the shared responsibility of simulations and material behavior. We fine-tune the tools and run material trials to find an optimized set-up for every project. Also, I act as the team's go-to guy when it comes to polymer material projects.

What are your personal strengths?

I have a genuine interest in people and enjoy socializing with colleagues and contribute to a positive business culture. I've always been a problem solver, even in conflicts. For me, it's FUN to go to work!

What gives you energy at work?

Everything from the basics, as a sturdy breakfast and exercising at lunch time, to swapping intelligence with my great colleagues. A true energy boost is when a project is going beyond expectations and I get to deliver the good news to partners and clients.

What are you working on right now?

We're running a material trial with recycled textiles. It's exciting to evaluate the so far positive results. We're also at the finishing line of closing a project that will soon be commercialized and the products put on the market.

Why should someone else come and work at Reliefed?

It's a stimulating, easygoing work place where we have fun! We have a tolerant atmosphere in discussions and all ideas and questions, no matter if they are good or bad, are equally welcome. You learn how to handle both success and setbacks as a team, in a constantly growing company that houses a unique technology that can be used in almost infinitely many areas. Have I mentioned that I like my job?

What do you do on your spare time?

At the moment I'm renovating our farmhouse while tending to our animals and all their needs, as well as commands of my 1.5 year old daughter. I also try to keep up with my training as a triathlete.

What makes you laugh?

A good story about a colleague’s misery ;-)

We're currently hiring another Project Manager to our team. Don't miss the chance to apply here!



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    Jessica Eklund

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