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Welcome Stefan: our newest Sales team member from Switzerland!

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Welcome Stefan: our newest Sales team member from Switzerland!

We're thrilled to welcome Stefan Kunz, our newest team member, to the z.trusion® family! He recently relocated from Switzerland to Sweden, and will join Reliefed to drive revenue and expand z.trusion® across Europe. His expertise in both marketing and sales offers a unique advantage in leading our sales efforts and bridging the gap between these fields together with widening the teams international understanding. Welcome Stefan, our new Sales Manager & Head of European Expansion!

Hi Stefan! Welcome to the team! How do you feel?  

I'm feeling great! The past few weeks have been quite eventful. Everything fell into place perfectly with relocating from Zürich, Switzerland to Gothenburg, Sweden and meeting my new team.

How would you describe yourself as a person? 

I consider myself a people person. I draw a lot of energy from connecting with others and enjoying shared experiences. I see myself as creative, constantly exploring new ideas. I love to be in nature and have diverse interests like sailing, skiing, and hiking. Overall, I'm an open and sociable individual. 

What first sparked your interest in the field of sales? 

I've always had a knack for sales. My grandfather used to joke I could sell a fridge to an Inuit. I enjoy finding common ground and articulating how products or services meet specific needs. Many of my friends have remarked, “Finally, you're in sales!” as I used to work in marketing before. 

What is your background? 

I'm originally from Switzerland but have found my new home in Sweden. My background is primarily in marketing and sales, spanning both corporate and startup environments. I've worked in various industries, starting from advertising, moving into pharmaceuticals, the SaaS industry, and now industrial manufacturing. 

What is your role at Reliefed? 

At Reliefed, I lead our sales efforts and I'm responsible for driving revenue and expanding z.trusion® across Europe. With my combined experiences in marketing and sales, I aim to bridge the gap between the two and contribute to the team beyond my specific role. 

What do you specialise in work wise?

I specialise in blending enterprise structure with startup agility. I bring a strategic approach to our operations while maintaining flexibility and adaptability. 

What are your personal strengths? 

I'm energetic, adaptable, and a strong communicator, which helps me build lasting relationships. I place a strong emphasis on empathy and understanding others' perspectives. I enjoy problem-solving and have a caring nature. 

What gives you energy at work? 

I find purpose in what I do, especially when I can achieve common successes and celebrate them with my team. Being passionate about my work drives me forward. Also, biking to work gives me energy!  

What are you working on right now? 

I'm currently focused on understanding the company and our processes. I'm figuring out our direction with z.trusion® since there are different promising areas where the technology can be applied I'm also diving into some industrial projects to gain more insight. 

Why should someone else come and work at Reliefed? 

From what I've experienced during my interview process and onboarding, Reliefed has left a very positive impression on me. The company culture and environment seem very welcoming .

What do you do on your spare time? 

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones. I like to engage in outdoor activities, cooking, reading, and tending to my garden. 

What makes you laugh? 

I am generally a very happy person, and I’m often laughing. I find laughter in simple joys and in everyday situations. I like to laugh and happiness is a driver for me. When I’m happy, I’m at my best.  

Welcome, Stefan! We're super excited to you're a part of our team now.




Jessica Eklund

Jessica Eklund

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