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20 Quick Benefits for Selecting Authentic High End Resilient Flooring (HERF)

With the rise in popularity for high end resilient flooring, we also see a rise in many types of HERF brands in the market; just like laminate flooring, some may be good quality while some may not. Hence, as an avid home furnishing shopper, we may need to look at these 18 benefits of authentic HERF as a checklist to get the best possible HERF flooring for our home.

And here they are:

1) 100% waterproof 

Authentic HERF is 100% waterproof thus making it a strong substitute to traditional laminate flooring and wood parquet. Also making it suitable in kitchen, basement and commercial restaurants.

2) 100% termite proof

As there is no wood fibre content, the flooring is termite proof, which make it suitable to be installed in  landed houses especially those that are nearby forested areas.

3) 100% against chips and cracks

Authentic HERF products are usually durable and comes with warranty against chips and cracks.

4) Easy installation and replacement

There is no glue involved in the installation; thus making the installation fast and easy. 

5) No Hollow Sound

Good quality high end resilient flooring has high density which you stepped on it, there will be no hollow sound produced.

6) No Floating Feel

As the flooring is attached firmly to your subfloor, there will be a firm and sturdy feel when stepped on.

7) Ceramic Bead Wear Layer

To increase its scratch resistant properties, authentic HERF needs to be coated with ceramic beaded technology for its protection layer.

8) No underlay is required

Just simply direct overlay and the installation will be done quick and fast.

9) Patented locking system

Good quality HERF products has world class patented interlocking system such as Unilin or Valinge.

10) Wood alike Feel

With its emboss registered finish, the surfaces of high end resilient flooring has a true touch wood feel with beveled edge.

11) Neater joints

No flooring accessories such as profiles or T-joints is required. Therefore, it will give the flooring a neater and clean look.

12) Can be Recycled

Authentic high end resilient flooring is at its purest stage where it can be recycled at disposal. While non-authentic resilient flooring are made of composite materials that is not able or not advisable to be recycled. 

13) Re-usable

Good quality HERF can re-used over and over again. Say, after sometimes when the home owner were to move house, he or she can also bring along their existing HERF to the new house. Hence, such environmental friendly can somehow extend the lifespan of the flooring.

14) Anti Skid Properties

Authentic high end resilient flooring has strong anti skid properties that met the R9 standards for use in medical centres and institutions worldwide.

15) Enhanced Safety

Authentic HERF has light cushion effect that helps to lessen heavy impact during falls. On top of that, its strong slip resistance properties reduced the chance of falling and thereby enhances safety.

16) Safe for enclosed areas

One important criteria when it comes to selecting authentic HERF is to always ask your flooring contractor to show you any proof of low VOC content test report. There are more than 10 recognized test centres in the world that helps to certify products for their VOC content. Some credible test reports are for example, DIBT mark (Germany) and Berkeley report (Canada).

17) Dimensional Stability

Authentic HERF has better dimensional stability which make it highly stable to expansion and contraction due to changes in humidity and temperature.

18) Odourless

When shopping for high end resilient flooring products, ask the contractor to show you samples of their flooring board. Take it closer to your nose and try to detect if there is any odour or smell. Good quality or authentic high end resilient flooring should be odourless, while the least quality ones will be otherwise.

19) Direct manufacturer warranty

Look out for HERF products that have direct manufacturer warranty; what it means to the home owner will be the liability of the flooring will be to the manufacturer and home owners will have a "peace of mind" should problems do arise. As there is mass production of HERF products today, it is always best to check the financial strength of the manufacturer.

20) Relatively Better Performance

Check with your flooring contractor on the performance of the high end resilient flooring product; check to see if the product has good fire resistance, heat resistance, stain resistant and so on.

In summary, maybe there is one more "Benefit Number 21" home owners should look at when it comes to choosing authentic high end resilient flooring for their homes. This is probably the credibility and reliability of the flooring contractor or distributor. Home owners may also need to check whether the flooring contractor has a strong maintenance and operations team to standby for them should they required their help.

All the best for selecting the best HERF product for your home!

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