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What are the Ways You can Help to Promote a Green Living Environment @ Home?"

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What are the Ways You can Help to Promote a Green Living Environment @ Home?"

Living in a green environment promotes goodwill & creating a healthy living lifestyle for home owners & their family members. Being green improves your living standards & most importantly of all contribute to worldwide sustainability that will eventually benefits our generations down the road. Being green starts from the individual, it is everyone's responsible. Here are some ways for being green.

Saves Electricity

Start a good habit, always switch off your home electricity when you are leaving the house. In this way, you save energy and at the same time, great savings on your utilities bill.

Use Energy Saving Products

Energy saving products although are usually comes with a slightly higher premium, they contributes greatly to your utilities bill in the long run.

Consider Eco Quality Flooring Products 

Today, as there is massive production of various flooring products worldwide to meet increasing demands, some manufacturers may overproduce products in a way that may cause unneccessary global problems such as deforestation, illegal logging and pollution. Eco flooring products assure home owners about the sustainability standards of each products.

As for wood material flooring, home owners need to make sure that the flooring has certified Eco sustainable labels such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), PERC, Singapore Green Label especially for natural products such as wood flooring. Home owners can ask the vendor for relevant certification.

On top of that, for non-wood flooring products, you should choose flooring brands that require glueless installation or can be renewed and reused over and over again.

"With Eco wood which are natural wood that are sourced from sustainable resources, home owners can enjoy home comforts and at the same time, contribute positively to the global forests."

as quoted from Rod Rodriguez on our Facebook page.

Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

A great advice from Daphne Lin, on our Facebook page, "Use non-toxic cleaner such as vinegar."

To add on to that, you can also look for Eco labels such as Singapore Green Labels on the cleaning products. Read the material contents of the cleaning solution, make sure that it does not has a high concentration in toxic chemicals.

Natural Ventilation

Consider using materials such as wood timber that does not trapped heat unnecessarily so that the home can naturally cool by itself even during hot weather. Keep windows open and let natural wind breeze comes to your home. In this way, your home will then be cooling even without the air condition.


Make it a habit to recycle your trash and old things that you want to throw away. Segregate them into plastics, papers and metals. Or even better, try to reuse the materials into other useful stuffs. Bring your own grocery bags so that you will cut down on the usage of plastic bags. In terms of flooring, use flooring that can be reused again and again such as wood flooring or high end resilient flooring. Refurnish it and it will look as fresh as new ones. 

Everyone, in their own roles and responsibility, could help to contribute greatly to the green environment. It does not matter how old or how young you are, all of us are very important in supporting global sustainability.

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