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Awfully Chocolate's Lyn Lee, SAP's Eileen Chua and Scentses' Sadira Yeong among winners of Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2021

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Awfully Chocolate's Lyn Lee, SAP's Eileen Chua and Scentses' Sadira Yeong among winners of Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2021


Female founders clinched the top prizes in our awards, and female winners outnumber the male winners for the first time since our awards started in 2018.

The founder of Awfully Chocolate wins our award for best online interview in Singapore, while the CEO of perfume subscription service Scentses And Co wins the award in Malaysia.

Awards supported by three associations: Asia Pacific Association of Communications Directors, Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore) and Public Relations and Communications Association

Support from associations is a validation of the awards’ aim to recognise local senior business leaders for sophisticated media and communications skills

Aims to realise Hong Bao Media's vision of ensuring every Asian business leader is a world-class presenter

SINGAPORE & KUALA LUMPUR, Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - Lyn Lee from Awfully Chocolate, Eileen Chua from SAP and Sadira Yeong from Scentses are among the winners of this year's Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards in Singapore and Malaysia respectively.

Hong Bao Media, a leading provider of media and communications services founded by ex-CNBC anchor Mark Laudi, launched the awards in 2018 to recognise local business leaders for their media skills, and showcase skilled and credible home-grown communicators.

The Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2021 are supported by the Asia Pacific Association of Communications Directors (APACD), who returned for their second year. They are joined by the Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore) and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA). The judges from these three associations ascertained the winners.

“The Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards are about encouraging local leaders, to engage our audiences more, and to step up as leaders. There are plenty of very capable leaders out there, and they can grow into great communicators and storytellers and in turn inspire the next generation of Singaporeans and Malaysians,” said Keith Morrison, Treasurer of APACD.

Lee Nugent, member of the PRCA Global Advisory Board, said: “The Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards are a really important way to recognize that we have very high quality spokespeople in our local business community. And once we recognise and reward those individuals, that sets a real challenge to the rest of the local business community to actually start to work better and harder at sharpening their own skills.”

"All the shortlisted candidates of the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2019 demonstrated exemplary communication skills, imparting valuable learnings about media presence and new media trends and what we've known all along: that our local business leaders can be just as good communicators as their Western counterparts," said Mark Laudi, Hong Bao Media CEO and convenor of the Awards.



Lyn Lee

Founder, Awfully Chocolate

Sadira Yeong

CEO, Scentses and Co


Lai Chang Wen

CEO, Ninja Van


Eileen Chua

Managing Director Singapore, SAP

Tony Fernandes

CEO, AirAsia Group



Hong Bao Media provides media solutions for corporate and government clients in the Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Our three core businesses are:

  1. Media skills and executive presence training and coaching for senior business leaders
  2. Live webcast production from our green screen studios, or on-location
  3. Active investments in a portfolio of blockchain and fintech start-ups

We operate two Integrated Communications facilities, one in Singapore's Central Business District and another in Kuala Lumpur's Central Business District. These consist of green screen television studios for on-camera recordings and webcasts, adjoining training facilities for small groups of senior executives.

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Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi

Press contact Managing Director (+65) 6223 2249

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