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Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards reveals judges from three professional communications organisations

Press release -

Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards reveals judges from three professional communications organisations

SINGAPORE/KUALA LUMPUR, Wednesday, 18 August 2021 – Hong Bao Media has received the support of a bumper panel of nine expert judges for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards, which recognise Singaporean and Malaysian business leaders for excellent traditional- and new media skills.

Now into their fourth year, the Awards aim to celebrate great homegrown orators and media performers, and encourage other local business leaders to follow their example.

This year’s Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards are again supported by the Asia-Pacific Association of Communications Directors (APACD), joined this year by Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and the Investor Relations Professionals Association Singapore (IRPAS).

The judges are:

  • Azmar Sukandar, Head of Communications & Society, Asia Pacific at Diageo, and President, APACD.
  • Keith Morrison, Director of Marketing & Communications at Black & Veatch and Treasurer, APACD
  • Lee Nugent, EVP & Regional Director, Archetype and Chair, PRCA
  • Jeannie Ong, Group Chief Investor Relations Officer at MyRepublic and Director, IRPAS.
  • Christina Koh, Director of Communications AMEA at Avantor and Board Member, APACD
  • Robitahani Zainal, Executive Vice President/Head of Corporate Affairs Affin Hwang Capital and Board Member, APACD
  • Arnab Roy Choudhury, Global Communications & Enablement Lead, Trust, Data & Resilience, Operations at Standard Chartered Bank, and Chair, Singapore Chapter, APACD
  • Chuah Choo Chiang, Senior Director, International Marketing and Communications, APAC at PGA TOUR and Chair, Malaysia Chapter, APACD
  • Shiya Watanabe, participant in APACD’s Sustainable Communications Program

They will be judging entries in three criteria: Best Broadcast Interview, Best Online Interview and Best Live Webcast Presentation.

Keith Morrison, APACD Treasurer, said: “As a leader, you want to be a great communicator. You want to be able to stand up and stand tall and communicate effectively and clearly around tough issues, but also be a great storyteller.”

“It’s important to recognize that we have very high quality spokespeople in our local business community”, said Lee Nugent, Chair of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) Southeast Asia, “And I think once we recognize and reward those individuals, that sets a real challenge to the rest of the local business community to actually start to work better and harder at sharpening their own skills and making the most of the opportunities that the media offers to them and their organizations.”

“Being media savvy helps the news makers to use the media more effectively in ‘spreading the gospel’”, said Jeannie Ong, board member of IRPAS, “the ability to use the media's influence to one's advantage is the hallmark of a great spokesperson.”

Hong Bao Media Savvy Award convenor Mark Laudi said, “Having the PRCA and IRPAS adding their support demonstrates the integrity and importance of the Award.”

“Business leaders in Singapore and Malaysia can and must step up to international communications standards in order for their shareholders, staff, customers, partners, regulators and even competitors to take them seriously.”

“With virtually all publicly listed companies holding their Annual General Meetings virtually, live webcasting has become the norm. We want to showcase the best performers in our new category of Best Live Webcast.”

These are in addition to the previous criteria of Best Broadcast Interview, for interviews first carried on traditional radio and television stations, and “Best Online Interview”, for interviews posted on the websites and channels of online-only and traditional print publications.

Nominations officially open September 1 and can be made at by October 31, 2021.

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