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Everise enables Work at Home (W@H) transitions for Companies during Covid-19 pandemic; recruits thousands to support new business

Everise, a next-generation, disruptive, business process outsourcing (BPO) company, expects to grow revenues by 50% this year, and is currently recruiting thousands of new employees due to new business wins and a rapid implementation of their Work at Home (W@H) solution across 85% of their 12,000 strong workforce over 2 weeks in March 2020.

7 April 2020, SINGAPORE - Everise, headquartered in Singapore with offices across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, offers transformational customer service solutions to Fortune 500 and high-growth technology companies. The BPO has customer experience centers in Malaysia and the Philippines, Guatemala as well as the United States, which are serviced by champions from all parts of Asia, including Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, to offer native-language support to the region’s logistics, gaming, consumer electronics and fintech companies.

However, in all cases these facilities currently sit empty as Everise has transitioned, in a mere 2 weeks, 85% of their 12,000 global employees to work at home (W@H) with secure, scalable and sustainable virtual desktop infrastructure.

Because Everise can meet the pandemic regulations to W@H, the company is helping key customers to grow and winning new business from conventional BPOs that could not significantly transition their workforces to work from home..

Business Growth

“Over the past two years, we have invested millions of dollars in developing talent, tools, infrastructure and security practices to enable staff to work from home,” says Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise.

“We engineered home-based operations such as remote recruiting, virtual training and on-boarding, and business intelligence. As a result, all of our solutions, including omnichannel customer service, tech support, fraud detection, and content moderation, chatbots and natural language interactive voice response systems, can be delivered from home.”

“Due to this effort, we have not been disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Instead, we expect total headcount to grow by 50% in 2020. In fact, our sales cycle has reduced from 6 to 12 months, down to 2 to 4 weeks to capitalise on new business opportunities.”

Scaling business

To help key customers scale, Everise is deploying innovative digital experience (DX) solutions.

Built upon proprietary, AI-powered natural language processing technology, DX powers both chat and voice bots. The goal of deploying DX is not to replace service champions, but to enhance the customer’s capacity to deliver high-quality brand experiences.

“Everise DX ensures that there is solid ROI for managing the customer experience, or CX,” says Agarwal. “Our bots enable our unicorn customers to scale rapidly without sacrificing the customer experience.”

A partner for growth

BPOs like Everise empower companies to maximize their growth, representing more than cost savings as they help create personalized brand experiences at scale.

Everise uses cutting-edge technology solutions to free up human resources to address complex situations with the finesse and empathy the customer deserves, building value for the customer’s brand experience.

Services include artificially intelligent conversational chatbots that answer basic inquiries instantly and offer robotic process automation (RPA) tools to reduce firms’ customer service manpower needs.

To facilitate its new business, Everise is recruiting several thousands of people to work from home, in Southeast Asia, Guatemala and US. Native language speakers in the 50+ demographic make ideal customer service champions, which is timely now that people must stay and work from home.

Businesses that can reimagine BPOs as growth partners will scale and succeed.

“Everise is a people-first company and we are proud to be partnering with purpose-driven business who are growing during this time, employing people in communities around the world,” adds Agarwal.


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