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Mendeley Institutional Edition: Involving libraries in the digital workflow of research

Mendeley Institutional Edition powered by Swets provides your library with an excellent opportunity to get involved in the digital workflow of research across your institution. In its short lifespan, Mendeley has rapidly transformed the way research is done across the academic landscape. It contains the world’s largest crowd-sourced information library, with over 175 million documents and currently has more than 1.8 million active users. Its social networking tools also open up new pathways for collaboration and interaction between students, professors, researchers and their peers around the world.

Mendeley Institutional Edition builds on top of Mendeley’s existing software, providing end users with a premium reference manager for organizing their resources while enabling your library the chance to encourage social collaboration among users, arrange direct access to library content and extend the reach of your researchers’ publications. It also gives you real-time insight into the research trends and usage of content across your institution and beyond.

Mendeley Institutional Edition allows users to create their own ‘library’ of content, suitable for their own research needs. In the meantime, the librarian can provide knowledge, guidance and experience to all users without losing control of who is using their collection. If you’d like to learn more about how Mendeley Institutional Edition is setting new standards in the delivery of library services to researchers, why not request a webinar session with us today?

Alternatively, you could download our factsheet or read a whitepaper on how libraries can play a role in the digital workflow of research.


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Research Information magazine recently interviewed both David Main (CEO of Swets) and Victor Henning (CEO and Co-founder of Mendeley) to discuss the launch of Mendeley Institutional Edition. You can read that article here


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