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Karl Westerberg is joining our IoT & AI team in Seattle as a Business Development Manager.
Karl Westerberg is joining our IoT & AI team in Seattle as a Business Development Manager.

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Meet Sigmas IoT & AI:s latest recruit in Seattle

Allow us to introduce our latest addition to Sigma IT in USA. Karl Westerberg is joining our IoT & AI team in Seattle as a Business Development Manager. He has a solid background from the IoT world. Karl was born in the US but spent many months of his childhood in Sweden, immerging in his Swedish heritage. He grew up speaking Swedish with his parents and English with his friends.

–My upbringing, which was a hybrid of Texan/Swedish culture, was very different to that of everybody I knew, and being able to spend a lot of time in Stockholm and far out in the countryside gave me a love for Sweden and a drive to continue its culture and heritage, says Karl.

Karl began hiseducation with a large emphasis on technology and computer science but later finished his BsC in economics. He has worked in various analyst roles in different industries, collecting experience and exposure in understanding how to find value throughout departments within an enterprise. He also joined an IoT startup to entrench himself in the IoT world. There he did many things from business development, to leading a small dev team for proof of concept work, vendor management and solutions.

In joining Sigma, Karl wants to use his understanding of business and technology to show Sigma’s clients and partners how to create and maximize value from our IoT and technological offerings.

–Sigma is pioneering the world of IoT as an industry leader of technology services and has the integrity to do projects and solutions thoroughly and properly. For me there is also the added bonus of joining a Swedish company and the culture that comes along with it, which is something I have wanted for a long time. IoT is necessary to keep track of our complexity-increasing world, and with Sigma I believe we can connect the world the right way, the best way. With European advancement and American business sense, I believe we will make this happen, says Karl.

We are always looking for talented people who wants to join our journey and we are happy to welcome Karl on board!


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David Österlindh
Ceo & President, Sigma IT, USA
+46 733 514 842
+1 425 389 1247

Beatrice Silow
Vice President Communication and Culture, Sigma IT
+46 703 79 1506



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