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SSWS speakers in October. Top row from the left: Carolina Jonnor, Tuva Palm, Leila Karchaoui och Diana Paz. Bottom row: Jeanette Lilja, Helena Lönegård, Apollonia San Contreras och Christina Persson.
SSWS speakers in October. Top row from the left: Carolina Jonnor, Tuva Palm, Leila Karchaoui och Diana Paz. Bottom row: Jeanette Lilja, Helena Lönegård, Apollonia San Contreras och Christina Persson.

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Sigma launches this autumns women's network gatherings

The successful venture Sigma Smart Women Society continues to attract women in the IT- and technology industry. Today the names of the inspirational speakers of this fall are presented.

Starting in October and continuing this fall, inspirational women from the IT- and technology industry will appear on stage to share their knowledge and experiences from work and private life in the venture Sigma Smart Women Society (SSWS).

SSWS is a network for women and people identifying as female working in the IT- and technology industry. It is a meeting place aimed at empowering women in a male-dominated industry. The network started in Gothenburg seven years ago and gathers up to 1800 visitors every year. SSWS is present in seven locations and in October, meetings will be held in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Karlskrona and Malmö. Later this autumn also in Helsingborg Jönköping and Linköping.

– It's fantastic to see that we get to create a place where so many women in IT/Tech can gather, share experiences and make contacts. This shows that there is a need for women in the industry to meet. It is with great pride that we invite to this autumn's inspiring and joyful evenings, says Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Manager at Sigma IT and promoter for SSWS.

The theme for the gathering in Gothenburg on October 3 is sustainability in the work life. First speaker is Carolina Jonnor, CEO and owner of Disruptive Consulting and former HR Manager. She talks about having the courage to live by your own terms, about entrepreneurship and a longing for authenticity. The second speaker is Leila Karchaoui who has been nominated “Female leader of the Future” and has long experience of change management in fast-growing companies. She gives advice on how to maximize your resources and potential in a sustainable way and how to create a sense of meaning, both in everyday life and at work.

On October 10 the doors open in Stockholm. The themes this day are career life and living with a diagnosis, mixed with digital transformation, fine tech, technical trends and leadership. Hear Diana Paz and Jeanette Lilja share their driving forces and fears and what it is like to build a career while living with a diagnosis. The third speaker of the day, Tuva Palm, is one of Sweden's most powerful tech women who runs Europe's largest tech meetup, STHLM TECH. She offers handy advice on how we can win the digital revolution.

On October 17, Helena Lönegård enters the scene in Karlskrona. After 18 years at Volvo, she is now Site Manager at Saab in Karlskrona and Head of Production at Saab Kockums. Listen to her talk about how her driving force has taken her to several interesting jobs and why she choose to be part of Saab Kockums journey. The themes of the day are how to make the impossible possible as well as leadership and motivation.

The meeting in Malmö will be held on October 24 and focuses on career and family formation. This night’s first speaker, Apollonia San Contreras, is Digital Marketing Manager at Hövding and has been named one of “Sweden's Super talents” by Veckans affärer. She shares her story about her career journey and provides valuable advice on how to take control over one’s career. Second speaker, Christina Persson, is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics who works at Livio Fertility Center in Malmö. She talks about the challenges and opportunities a woman faces when she is in the middle of her career and at the same time is starting a family.

Later this fall, gatherings will also be held in Helsingborg, Jönköping and Linköping. More information about dates and speakers can be found here.

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Director Communications and Culture Director, Sigma IT
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