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Working at Systematic Cologne

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Working at Systematic Cologne

Why join an international software company like Systematic? We asked this question to our two systemates Christoph Pauls and Peter Hedderley, who are both working at our German office in Cologne. Christoph has been working as Senior Solution Architect for almost 6 years, whereas Peter just recently joined Systematic as an Architect for System Implementation.

Christoph Pauls, Senior Solution Architect

More than just a Job

I think Systematic started picking up the speed two years earlier than everyone else in terms of the modern, agile, small team-culture. This is a major selling point, which can be hard to transfer into a job ad. What we are offering is more than a job – Systematic has such a warm and friendly atmosphere, a genuine culture. It reflects a Danish culture – and Germany is a big fan of “Danish” – in Systematic nobody cares about your title, (it is a much more informal and flat organization). If you are great at something everybody in Systematic knows it.

You Create your own Career Path

What makes Systematic so special from everyone else? Obviously, it is the culture and the people. But, also all the opportunities. You join the company, start the job, but you have so many different opportunities to influence your career in so many directions. You have endless options for development and since we are an international company these even exceed your local office. For instance, I was offered the opportunity to work in New Zealand after working at Systematic for one and a half years, which was an amazing experience for me both professionally and personally. So, there is not just one fixed career path, you build your own path in the company with support from your colleagues. Nobody is putting rocks on your way - you just have to speak up, and somebody will help find a way for you.

“It feels like everybody is the company; you do not work for the company.”

I decided that I wanted to be a part of the company the day I entered the office in Aarhus for the job interview. The atmosphere was so easy-going and relaxed, but still super professional with processes and everything taken care of. What really impressed me was the fact that Michael Holm, the founder and CEO of the company, knew almost everyone’s name. He is even present at the onboarding, where he personally welcomes all the new colleagues and introduces them to Systematic. It feels like everybody is the company; you do not work for the company.

An Open Scandinavian Culture

The Scandinavian attitude towards the employees, the work ethic, and the culture, is different from the German culture. At Systematic you are not just a resource; you are a part of one big team. You also have a lot more contact with your managers compared to many other organisations in Germany. For instance, the first time I had a 1:1 meeting with my manager, we were walking by the canal in Aarhus and he was asking me “how do you feel?”, “how are you?” “what can I do to make you feel better?”. In Systematic, one of the manager’s most important tasks is to make the employees succeed in their work.

Peter Hedderley, Architect System Implementation

“It is basically a family”

Systematic has an excellent reputation in Germany and are known for the great quality of their products and what they have to offer. So, when the recruiter told me that Systematic was interested in me, I immediately went on the website to learn more about the organization. I was quickly convinced that the people working here knew what they were talking about. There was a high level of professionalism and I could really feel the passion from the employees, which was one of the major reasons that I decided to join this culture. The culture is so open and welcoming, but still so professional and well organized.

I came from a totally different company and Systematic is a privately owned company where you can really feel that the CEO cares about his people. Many companies can be too big and impersonal, but Systematic has a plan, a strategy, and a vision for the future. It is basically a family - which is a feeling that you do not get it everywhere. When I had my first day at Systematic, I was welcomed with amazing support from my new colleagues and thorough training to learn all about the Systematic way of working.

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Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen

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