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Systematic among the best worldwide at delivering software on time

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Systematic among the best worldwide at delivering software on time

For the sixth consecutive year, Systematic received concrete documentation that it is one of the best IT companies worldwide at delivering software solutions within the agreed framework for time, quality, and price. Only 14 other companies in Europe have achieved such a high rating currently.

We have all heard the stories about failed IT solutions. Disappointing quality, deadlines exceeded by six months or a year, and costs shooting through the roof.

“There’s no doubt that errors, delays and budget overshoots in IT projects are minimised when suppliers have the processes under control and are continually working to improve them.”

This is how Michael Holm sums it up. He is CEO of the software company Systematic, which has just – for the sixth time – been given the highest possible rating for the maturity of its processes and its ability to continually improve its workflows.

The company’s methodical efforts to optimise processes yield results, which is appreciated by customers. In 2020, 98% of all Systematic’s projects were delivered before or on time, which is quite unique for the IT industry.

Since 2005, Systematic has been appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 5, the highest possible. This year was no exception.

Systematic is the only company in the Nordics to be appraised at this CMMI level.

Unknown curriculum – tough exam
This year it has been even more difficult than usual to come out tops.

“Achieving CMMI at the highest maturity level is no mean feat under any circumstances, but recently the CMMI Institute introduced CMMI version 2.0, which means that the entire company could be appraised on any aspect. Previously, we were appraised in a number of selected projects, but this year any of our projects could have been picked, and therefore we’ve not been able to prepare in quite such a targeted way as before,” says Klaus Askjær, Director for Business Process Improvement at Systematic.

Appraisal across time zones
COVID-19 has also affected things. Normally, an accredited external Lead Appraiser certified by the CMMI Institute would visit the company, and over 14 days conduct an in-depth analysis of the company’s working methods through extensive data collection and employee interviews.

“This year, the appraisal has been done online and across four different time zones. Our Lead Appraiser is from the USA, and our offices in the UK, Romania and Denmark have all been appraised. This has been a huge challenge, and we’re therefore particularly proud of the result,” says Klaus Askjær.

Facts about the CMMI model
The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) model assesses how good a company is at learning from previous projects and experience and applying this knowledge to improve and become more productive – with the same number of employees. Maturity is measured on a scale from 1 to 5, where Level 1 is the initial stage, the immature organisation that spends a lot of time correcting errors, while Level 5 is the efficient, optimizing organisation.

Systematic has been appraised against the CMMI version 2.0 model using the Development with SAM model view (SAM = Supplier Agreement Management) and is the only IT company in the entire Nordics to have achieved Level 5 in a Development view currently. Only 14 companies in all of Europe have been given such a high rating.

This appraisal is valid for three years, after which the company is reappraised.

Read more at the CMMI Institute’s website, and find a list of CMMI-appraised companies here.

Note, the CMMI Institute is now an ISACA Enterprise.



Established in 1985, Systematic A/S develops software and system solutions to customers in both the public and private sector. A common feature of these customers is a need to integrate, compare and analyse large volumes of complex data, and to generate an overview that allows decision-making based on a solid foundation, often in critical situations.

Systematic’s software solutions are used in healthcare, intelligence, law enforcement, defence, education, renewable energy and utilities industries.

Today, Systematic is the largest privately owned software company in Denmark, with solutions sold to customers in 50+ countries. More than 1 million people worldwide use Systematic solutions and services every day.

Systematic has approximately 1,100+ employees and is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, with offices in Copenhagen, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Romania and the United States.


Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen

Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen

Press contact PR & Communication Manager +45 4196 5013

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Since our foundation in 1985, we have developed into an international IT company that focuses on five core business areas: Digitalisation, Healthcare, Defence, Intelligence & National Security, and Library & Learning

A common feature of all these sectors is a need to integrate, compare and analyse large volumes of complex data, and to generate an overview that allows decision-making based on a solid foundation, often in critical situations.
Even though our customers are active in many different fields, what we do is actually quite narrowly focused. As we see it, our role is to make complicated things simple, to continue development of the solutions that our customers already know and trust, and do everything a little better - and to constantly challenge existing work processes and technologies.

Everything we do at Systematic is expressed in our four brand values: Simplicity. Trust. Performance. Forward-thinking.

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