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Systematic's digital citizen record system makes further inroads on the market

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Systematic's digital citizen record system makes further inroads on the market

Within just four years, over a third of Denmark’s local authorities have bought and implemented Systematic’s digital citizen record system, Columna Cura, providing healthcare and social services personnel with full details of patient and client data – and Egedal Municipality just became no. 34.

By February 2021, Egedal Municipality will have a new digital record system to support its home help, social services and health workers and home nurses in their work amongst the public.

The government procurement office, Statens og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice (SKI), purchased Cura on behalf of the municipality, including the following modules: Care, Social, Early Detection, Mobility Aids and Business Intelligence. Cura is a complete solution aimed at the needs of the personnel, with each individual module designed to provide overview and support specific tasks in the office and in the home of the patient or client.

“Columna Cura gives local authorities a one-stop solution designed to make life easier for workers in the social and healthcare sectors. It runs on PC or tablet, letting the personnel take it with them on their visits. The system provides access to the data they need and supports them in their work, allowing them to concentrate on the elderly, the handicapped or substance abusers who need help,” explains Henrik Rosenberg Rasmussen from Systematic.

More pensioners mean more demand

Rasmussen is in no doubt that the demand for better management using current data in the healthcare and elderly care sectors will grow rapidly for some years to come. A population prognosis from Statistics Denmark indicates that the number of people over the age of 80 is expected to more than double over the next forty years. By 2053, 10% of the Danish population is expected to be over 80. That’s going to make heavy demands of nursing and care personnel, and municipal digital record systems.

According to Rasmussen, the fact that so many local authorities are choosing the same solution will be an advantage when employing personnel with experience from other authorities using the same system.

“The greater workload from the elderly sector will make it even more important for nursing and care personnel to always have fully updated data on their patients and clients, and the work to be done. They need solutions able to provide them with solid data on which to make the right decisions to the benefit of individuals in their care, which is probably why we are finding such interest in Columna Cura,” he says.

Systematic will be responsible for implementation of Cura in close consultation with Egedal Municipality, which will entail the training of superusers and the transfer of key data from the municipality’s current solution to Cura.

“Anything new requires training and familiarisation, but by applying the experience we've already gained from over 30 other local authorities, we’ve been able to create a smooth process. Having nurses, social consultants and social/healthcare assistants employed within Systematic as members of the implementation team is a huge advantage, as they can help ensure a smooth startup process for Cura,” concludes Rasmussen.

About Columna Cura

An electronic citizen record system that combines user-friendliness and decision-making support in a single IT solution. Columna Cura gives users a straightforward, updated overview of their work and details of the patients or clients they are in contact with. Cura simplifies the complex, allowing more time to be spent with the patient or client.

About Statens og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice (SKI)

Every year the Danish public sector spends approximately 300 billion DKK on goods and services provided by private companies. The full Columna Cura suite can be procured under SKI contract 02.19 SaaS – Cloud, avoiding having to conduct a standalone tendering process.



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Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen

Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen

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