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Be in control of your email accounts and protect your business from fraud and spam. Illustration from the e-learning course Digital Security, by Trainor.
Be in control of your email accounts and protect your business from fraud and spam. Illustration from the e-learning course Digital Security, by Trainor.

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Why you should not use your work email privately

Are you one of those people who just can't stand the idea of more than one email account? Or do you know someone who doesn't understand the point of having more email accounts than the one they've been given at work? Here are 3 good reasons why you should not use your job email privately:

  1. Private correspondence should be just private. When you use the job's email address for private purposes, the recipient may perceive your inquiry or your statements as corporate. Then, in the worst case, you can put your company's reputation at risk. In addition, you risk that your inbox will be flooded with private inquiries and thus prevent you from following up the job properly.
  2. You cannot bring your email address with you when you quit your job. You only have a limited amount of time to clear your private content account before you have to give it away. It will be a huge  job for you, and if you don't, the company will have to navigate through your private content in order to archive job-relevant information.
  3. When you use your job email as your username or contact information for private services, you are more prone to scams and spam email. This poses a security risk to your workplace, and may be in conflict with your company's IT regulations. You will also lose access to the services when you quit your job and your email address is no longer in use.

Control your private content

It's simple and easy to take control of your private content, set a boundary between work and privacy, just as you do in most other contexts. You probably do not consider changing your address to the office, so you receive your newspapers, private Christmas cards and bills there instead of at the mailbox at home? It should be just as intuitive to distinguish in the same way between job mail and private mail when it is done electronically.

Want to know more about digital security?

As an employee, you are responsible for processing and storing your company's equipment and information in accordance with the guidelines of your company. Want to know more about digital security? The e-learning course Digital Security, is a general course that is suitable for you who work in a company with access to networks, equipment, files and information that can be regarded as corporate or sensitive. The course also contains useful tips for you as a private person. The course only takes 10 minutes, and you can find it at




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Eva Nordskog

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