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Can practical exercises in a virtual world improve safety? In "Electri City", professionals will get practical training using VR glasses. ill: Trainor AS
Can practical exercises in a virtual world improve safety? In "Electri City", professionals will get practical training using VR glasses. ill: Trainor AS

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Believes VR can revolutionize practical training

Testing and developing new forms of electrical safety training in VR. "Clearly see potential," says Andre Denk, of Veidekke, who was invited to test Trainor's in-house VR-lab.

Developing training methods for the future

-I forgot to close the gate! It was not entirely according to the regulations ..! Andreas Denk, HSE Manager Veidekke Construction Region Northwest, passes the VR glasses to his colleague, following a review in Trainor's VR studio. The training company is in the process of testing and developing future learning methods.

Andreas Denk in Veidekke (left) and Kåre Vegar Sund from Trainor believe the potential for VR training is great. Photo: Trainor AS

"Of course, most people think it's fun with VR, but it's first and foremost the learning effect and practicality we are looking for," explains Kåre Vegar Sund, Creative Director of Trainor. He gives instructions as,Trainor has, for the first time, invited customers into 'Electri City', the virtual world which they have developed to recreate events and scenarios for electrical safety training. "With Electri City, we have already done a lot to create recognisability to different work scenarios and situations," he explains. "Now we will find out what practical exercises will best suit our target groups. VR will in many cases be more intuitive and engaging to the course participants as we simulate how it will be experienced in reality, but in a safe environment. We work hard to maximise the effect of sensory means such as audio, 3D-graphics and interaction. Our goal is for you to forget about the technology you've put on when you enter Electri City, that's the only way you'll get a realistic training that will prepare you better when you go to work again.

Andreas picks up a first aid kit in Electri City. "It's not dated properly," Andreas says. He makes a sudden handshake and throws it away. - Haha, I can throw it! His colleagues observe his movements in the room, and how his actions appear on the screen in front of them. "We clearly see that it has potential," Andreas says. He is thinking about for instance scenario training where an unwanted event occurs and employees must assess the situation and act accordingly.

In Electri City, course developers can create realistic scenarios. VR technology makes practical exercises possible also for risky work in a safe environment. Ill: Trainor AS.

Wants input from the industry 

Trainor has built a VR lab in Tønsberg, Norway, where they test and develop their own software based on industry-leading gaming technology. With the support of 'Skattefunn' / Innovation Norway, they are fully optimizing user interfaces, interaction and realistic scenarios for VR training."We have a bunch of ideas we want to test on our own courses, but we also want input from the industry on how they would like to use this technology," says Kåre.


Trainor is an international specialist company offering training, consultancy services and hire of qualified personnel within the areas of electrical safety, automation and processes within the oil and gas sector.



Kåre Vegar Sund

Kåre Vegar Sund

Creative Director Multimedia design, VR-technology, project management +47 92260981

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Committed to safety

Trainor is an internationally recognized company setting new standards for safety training. Based in Norway, we provide training services, digital solutions and technical consultancy services to offshore, maritime and land-based industries worldwide.

For more than 30 years we have trained professionals domestically and abroad, offshore and onshore.
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