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Trainor among top 3 winners at the International E-learning Awards

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Trainor among top 3 winners at the International E-learning Awards

Trainor was awarded a bronze prize in the category E-learning experience during The Learning Ideas Conference in New York earlier this summer. - Incredibly fun, says Sales Manager Morten Aasen and Head of Learning Experience, Amanda Westrum van Til. Morten was (digitally) present at the conference giving a talk on the next generation e-learning and how to use technology to create immersive learning experiences.

Created training universe in famous game engine

Trainor is known as the Nordic's leader in professional training for electrical safety and explosion safety, and has over 30 years of experience in developing both traditional teaching and digital courses for professionals. From a small entrepreneurial company in the nineties, the company has grown into an international group with over 100 employees, offices in both Norway and Sweden, and a large portfolio of advanced and high-tech courses created in the well-known game engine Unreal Engine.

- A bunch of game-loving designers saw the opportunity to increase the precision of vocational training considerably by recreating actual environments and situations in 3D, and have built up an entire universe - ElectriCity - where we create all our courses, says Amanda Westrum van Til, enthusiastic . Amanda is the Head of Learning Experience at Trainor, and serves as the team leader for the entire e-learning team. The team works closely with the teaching department in Trainor, where experienced instructors contribute with their professional expertise in electrical safety, explosion safety and automation.

- As a sales manager, it is a pure pleasure to present the products, and the feedback is exclusively good, says Morten Aasen, and tells at international conferences that this is an important step on the way to reaching a larger, international brand.

- We get to test ourselves, and show our products, and when we also end up getting an award for one of our courses, it is simply incredible fun, he says.

Creates good learning experiences

The International E-learning Award is presented annually by The International E-learning Association, and recognizes the best use of technology to improve learning and job performance in companies or through individual professional development. The fact that Trainor receives an award for E-learning experience is the result of several years of tireless work to ensure high quality, learning outcomes and desire to learn in an industry where safety is paramount and the right competence is important. 

- Our ambition is to set a new standard for safety training. Good professionals deserve good training. And now we have received an international recognition that our course experience is incredibly good, Amanda concludes satisfied.

Trainor was rewarded for the course "Safe behavior in hazardous areas", which is aimed at all personnel who are to perform work in or near areas with a potential explosion hazard. These can be, for example, petrol stations, factories, oil platforms, tankers, silos and the like.

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Trainor is an internationally recognized EdTech company setting new standards for safety training. We provide training services, digital solutions and technical consultancy services to offshore, maritime and land-based industries worldwide.


Eva Nordskog

Eva Nordskog

Press contact Head of Communications, HR and ESG Communications, PR/Media +4790875544 LinkedIn

Committed to safety

Trainor is an internationally recognized company setting new standards for safety training. Based in Norway, we provide training services, digital solutions and technical consultancy services to offshore, maritime and land-based industries worldwide.

For more than 30 years we have trained professionals domestically and abroad, offshore and onshore.
And we were among the very first players in the market when we launched our first e-learning course in 1996. Since then, traditional and digital education have gone hand in hand, and we have developed digital training solutions that meet the needs of a broad energy industry.

We work closely with authorities and industry organizations to ensure the safety of the individual workplace, and take pride in delivering courses which are always professionally updated and well communicated in a user-friendly platform. Always committed to safety.


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