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Iolo puts faith in 'Arabella'

Television wildlife expert Iolo Williams is helping to launch a new bi-lingual website creator that will make it easy for users to build websites in Welsh and English.

Welshpool company, 27stars will unveil the software called ‘Arabella’ on Friday, July 3, at the Royal Oak Hotel, Welshpool, Powys (3pm). Iolo will be the principal guest at the launch and will use the software to design his own website.

Iolo said: “I have been thinking about setting up my own website but never really found the time. When I do it will be important to me and my family to have a bi-lingual website and from what I’ve seen the Arabella software looks very user friendly.”

The company, which takes its name from Seven Stars Road in Welshpool, specialises in web applicationsand has received a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government to develop Arabella. Significantly, the funding also allows them to double their workforce from four to eight.

Arabella is ideal for small businesses, charities, schools and individuals who want a bi-lingual website.

Company chairman Simon Mills said: “It’s hard to find good bi-lingual software packages. What appealed to the Welsh Assembly Government is that Arabella is very simple and ideal for users who want to develop their own website, whether it’s in English or Welsh. There are alternatives to Arabella, but we have looked at them and considered them to be unwieldy, unhelpful, and very expensive.”

It is not uncommon for those seeking a bi-lingual website to be literally charged twice – once for English and again for the Welsh version.


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