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Since losing her mother, Amanda has been a focused campaigner for dignity and compassionate care for the elderly.  She witnessed firsthand how compassion and interaction with elder patients was not seen as priority  and has since gone on to research just what devastating effect the lack of humanity, love and kindness can have.

Delighted at today’s press coverage regarding compassion in eldercare, Amanda commented today that this is just what she has been campaigning for.   “I am so pleased that my films and workshops on surrounding the need for awakening compassion in those that care for our Elders are gaining more momentum.  The qualities of compassion can transform ourselves as well as others, providing us with a vocational aspect to caring that enriches our interaction and deepens our connection to those we look after, particularly the frail and elderly.”

Amanda’s powerful ten minute film “What Do You see?” is used around the world as a tool to awaken compassion and understanding in hospital care of the Elderly.  It is used as a key tool for inductions and in trainings to measure the empathy and emotional intelligence of care staff.  Schools are beginning to use the film more and more too, recognising through Amanda’s campaigning efforts that our future carers need educating on such empathy skills now.  Since the film’s production, Amanda has completed three more short films.  ‘Home’, which looks at transitions into care homes, ‘The Big Adventure’, which looks at end of life care and spirituality and ‘No Regrets’, which examines grief and loss.

Amanda continues to work hard as an ambassador when it comes to elder care issues, offering her knowledge and firsthand experiences as a key ingredient to her powerful and thought provoking training sessions and keynote speaking. 

“I would love for many more of us within our societies to shift our mindsets when it comes to caring for our elders,” Said Amanda.  “If we could try to become a more compassionate and educated society that recognises respect and tolerance underpin our basic human rights, it would make such a difference.  I love the quote by Mother Theresa who said the three most important things in life are to be kind to be kind to be kind.  We need to support our care staff, offer further training in relation to compassionate care skills and understand that such a vocational aspect of nursing needs to be addressed together.  Lets ensure kindness, respect and compassion are seen as necessity, not as luxury.”

In May Amanda’s book, ‘The Heart of Care’, A Guide to Dignified and Compassionate Elder Care, with Souvenir Press is launched in May.  Amanda looks forward to helping to lead lead the way to a supportive and nurturing caring future for us all and continues to do this through her campaigning efforts as a keynote speaker, writer, board member to the Governments Dignity Action Board and filmmaker.  

Amanda provides solutions to compassionate care through her powerful films and talks.  Amanda is both an inspiring and passionate, respected radio and television interviewee; offering powerful and intelligent insight into such matters.  Amanda is available for interview now. 


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Amanda Waring is an actress, writer and director and has been a passionate campaigner for older people's rights for the past five years.


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