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Mobile players worldwide can delve into a game which combines fantasy, strategy, and tower defence with card collecting elements.

December 8, 2020 — Global publisher MY.GAMES and IT Territory are proud to launch Rush Royale, now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. From the developers who made the hit games Evolution: Battle for Utopia and HAWK: Freedom Squadron, their latest mobile title is an entirely new take on the tower defence genre that folds in elements of fantasy, strategy, and card collecting games.

In Rush Royale, players can muster mages, archers and warriors to defend their fortress against hordes of vicious monsters. The action unfolds in real-time across two modes, with PvP pitting players against each other, and Co-op uniting two players against waves of ever more powerful enemy forces. Players can accumulate mana to fortify their ranks, recruit new troops, and improving or merge existing units on the battlefield to help turn the tide of battle.

IT Territory has brought the world of Rush Royale to life through stunning visuals and dynamic, strategic combat to immerse players in this world of magic and monsters. With hundreds of card deck variations and possibilities, no two battles will ever be the same — a surprise play could make all the difference between victory and defeat!

Rush Royale features:

  • A Unique Take On Beloved Genres: Featuring elements of tower defence and card collecting games, destroy hordes of beasts, collect character cards, and merge heroes on the battlefield to win the fight!
  • Collect New Heroes: Employ fantasy heroes to help fight, including mages armed with elemental powers, deadly snipers, and priestesses who can help out ailing allies.
  • Online Multiplayer: Battle with and against other players in real-time! Fight in PvP and Co-op to outwit enemy players, or join forces to hold out against the endless hordes.
  • Hone Your Tactics: Keep your wits about you! Strategically manage mana and heroes to build defences capable of withstanding any attack.
  • Defeat Bosses: Players’ skill will be put to the test against cunning bosses. Every boss in Rush Royale has ways of shattering defences. Learn their tactics, and strike back hard!

Rush Royale is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play.



IT Territory is one of the leaders in the Russian gaming industry, engaged in the development of both casual and mid-core projects. A MY.GAMES studio, IT Territory’s games are played by over 100 million people around the world. They are primarily known for mobile hits such as Evolution: Battle for Utopia, Juggernaut Wars, HAWK: Freedom Squadron, World Above, and their latest release, Rush Royale.

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