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Konami Digital Entertainment, B.V. today announced the launch of the Season 2 content updatefor SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE, available now across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Google Stadia.

While Season 1 delivered Old Snake Bomber, Season 2 introduces a new character: Soma Cruz Bomber!

Best known as the featured protagonist in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Soma Cruz is armed with the ability to release bats that will cause other players to briefly lose their special abilities if their characters come in to contact with them. Along with this new character, Season 2 will also host event battles (details regarding this event during Season 2 will be announced). Once again, each season lasts three months and brings players various new items along with a new Bomber hero. Content available as part of a season may only be acquired during the three months that each season lasts, and access to Soma Cruz is available at 500 Bomber Coins in the in-game store. Other cosmetic items such as costumes and player icons will be available with Gold Pass access.


Previously launched on Stadia, SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE takes inspiration from the popularity of Super Bomberman R, bringing back the 8 Bomber Brothers and others as a 64-player, online battle royale.

As Bomberman returns with the gameplay that has made the franchise a party game classic – blast through battlefields, find hidden power-ups and use them to blow away foes – the action in SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE erupts to new heights with the Battle 64” mode. Delivering an original battle royale experience, up to 64 players are spread across 16 starting battlefields. As levels are cleared and players are whittled down, the number of battlefields continue to shrink until the ultimate final battle to be the last bomber standing.

SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE brings more than 100 customisable feature combinations, including numerous costumes, accessories and for the first time, bomb skins – affecting both the bomb and the blast itself. Players can further discern themselves from the rest with the optional Premium Pack (RRP €9.99/£9.99/$9.99), giving access to 14 additional bomber characters that pay homage to classic KONAMI IP’s such as Gradius, Silent Hill, Castlevania and more!

While anyone in the world can jump into a “Battle 64” room, the Premium Pack allows players to create their own private Room Match with rulesets that include “Battle 64” mode, “Standard” mode with up to 16 players or “Grand Prix”. Grand Prix divides players into two teams of up to 3v3 to compete in earning points, with the highest total points after the two battle rounds wins.

Additional details about SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE are available on the official website:




Game assets, including imagery and videos, can be found here:

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Konami Group was established in 1973, starting as an amusement machine manufacturer for arcades. Over the years, the company has grown to include different business units across various markets. Currently, KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION includes the Digital Entertainment, Amusement, Gaming & Systems, and Sports Businesses. The company went public on the Osaka Securities Exchange in 1984, the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1988, and the London Stock Exchange in 1999. For more information, visit:

About Konami Digital Entertainment

Konami Digital Entertainment, which is the core company of Konami Group, develops entertaining content for mobile, console and card games. The company is known for global franchises such as eFootball, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Contra, as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game series.

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