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CEO at Empire Z hosts companywide workshop on the cornerstones of self-motivation

This week, award-winning entrepreneur and CEO at Empire Z, Bing Zou organized a companywide workshop, examining the cornerstones of self-motivation.

Mr Zou believes that self-motivation is what differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful and the business owner decided to host a workshop to help the firm’s workforce gain an understanding of self-motivation and how to achieve and maintain it.

During the two-hour workshop, Mr Zou revealed steps to guide people to overcome adversities to remain motivated at all times.

About the firm:

Goal Setting
At Empire Z, goal setting is one of the first lessons it teaches individuals. The firm urges all aspiring professionals to set two types of goals, short and long-term, as that is the key to maintaining motivation.

Short term goals: These may be achieved in a few weeks or a couple of months and are essential to keep sustained morale and sense of achievement.

Long-term goals: These goals accumulate the bigger picture, including scaling a business or any project that takes a longer time to achieve.

Stay with positive people
Mr Zou contends that individuals that possess a positive attitude and mindset are the best motivators. There is a common belief that people become who they surround themselves with and Mr Zou argues that his circle of peers has played an integral role in his career success. The business owner commented, “when you encounter setbacks, it’s vital to have positive people to uplift your state of mind.”

Use mistakes as experiences
Mr Zou argues that it is important to remember that mistakes are not final. The business owner contends that errors are a natural part of the journey to success and this means learning from past mistakes to succeed next time.

Examine your motive
American educator, author and businessman, Dr Stephen R. Covey believes that the key to motivation lies in the motive itself. The keynote speaker believes that if reasons are good, motivation will automatically flow. CEO at Empire Z, Mr Zou argues that once motives are definite and clear, motivation follows automatically and the business owner is urging aspiring professionals to examine their motives to remain motivated.

Track progress
The road to success is full of ups and downs, and Mr Zou argues that tracking progress is imperative for maintaining a sense of urgency and motivation. “It’s vital to track progress to see how near or far you are from achieving your goals. It can also instil a sense of achievement, which boosts morale and keeps people feeling motivated,” commented Mr Zou.

Empire Z is a Houston-based direct sales and marketing firm, helping brands bring their marketing campaigns to life using a personalized approach to marketing. The company frequently host workshops and seminars to help its workforce expand their knowledge and skillset, assisting them on their journey to success. 


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Bing Zou: CEO


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