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Citipeak Events Urge Brands to Get Personal with their Customers

As it's been revealed that almost half of British consumers are actively ignoring brands on social media, personalised marketing firm, Citipeak Events urge brands to think of alternative strategies to increase consumer engagement.

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According to a new study that polled 70,000 global consumers, of which, 3,200 were from the UK, the global market research company, TNS found that almost half of Brit’s (40%) are choosing to ignore online ads or social advertising posts from brands. On a global scale, 26% of consumers are ignoring branded content, with 34% feeling like they are being targeted by online advertising consistently.

With many Brit’s starting to feel like branded content posted through social channels is becoming too intrusive, more and more consumers are beginning to avoid it altogether. The personalised marketing firm, Citipeak Events state that the key to overcoming people’s negative perceptions of brands online, is to engage with consumers in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive.

As experts in direct marketing strategies for a range of UK brands, Citipeak Events are urging business to look to event marketing strategies to increase consumer engagement and get consumer’s back onside.

‘Brands need to start thinking how to interact with consumer’s in a way that doesn’t feel too intrusive and scares them away. Too much advertising through social media will damage how a brand is perceived and ultimately how successful they are’ said a spokesperson for Citipeak Events. ‘To avoid damaging their brand reputation, companies must integrate alternative marketing strategies together with their social media advertising to find the right balance’ added the spokesperson.

One way that brands can find the right balance is to adopt event marketing strategies; an outsourced service provided by Citipeak Events. Citipeak Events states that personalised, event marketing strategies are the most effective marketing solution that brands can use to get personal with consumers and build positive brand awareness, without feeling too intrusive. Event marketing Brands can interact with customer’s in-person by using event marketing to build relationships and form a level of trust between the brand and the consumer.

For brands looking to connect with their customer’s on a personal level without getting too intrusive, then visit to see how their services can help!



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