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Future Generation Marketing explore concepts to tackle competition-driven industries

Future Generation Marketing explores certain elements that can help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses to tackle an industry that has a wealth of competition. As experts in the sales and marketing sector, the firm has years of experience in an arena that requires independence and an element of personality to stay on top.

Future Generation Marketing: About the firm

Do not focus too heavily on competition

Although it is essential to monitor the strategic approaches and success of completion, Future Generation Marketing advises not to focus too heavily on this aspect. In the sales and marketing sector, there are continually new startup businesses, many of whom take varying approaches in their initial months. The firm explores how a focus on competition can often distract, leading to copycat styles that enhance lower conversion rates and unqualified leads.

Pinpoint unique elements

Although in every marketplace there is a wealth of competition, Future Generation Marketing urges businesses to focus on how they are unique to competing brands. Taking an individual style towards the market is a strong way to identify what will succeed, and what will fail, argues Future Generation Marketing.

Pleasing everyone is a myth

As hard as marketers continually try it is impossible to appeal to all demographics, and it should not be attempted declares Future Generation Marketing. A direction must be made to appeal to ideal consumers and avoid the lowest common denominator in order to generate loyal customers and ultimately increase retention. Shifting programmes to appeal to consumers with a real need for a product or service will generate higher levels of lead conversion, raising revenue.

“Every industry has huge levels of competition, and new businesses are now facing more challenges than ever before. Our latest statement on how to tackle such obstacles is aimed at improving startup figures not only in the sales and marketing sector but across the board. The secret to longevity is knowledge,” declares a spokesperson for Future Generation Marketing.

Future Generation Marketing are the Manchester-based direct sales and marketing specialists that are eager to share wisdom from years of experience within the industry. The business is continually sharing insight into consumer-focused sectors and marketing through their company-wide workshops and lectures.



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At Future Generation we offer a range of flexible services that can be personalised to suit our clients’ needs. Our services guarantee results, are strategically developed to suit any target demographic and comprise of scalable operating models that respond quickly to the changing market

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