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Secure top talent using these interview questions claims Future Generation Marketing

Manchester-based, direct marketing specialists, Future Generation Marketing believe that it is essential to onboard professionals that are aligned with their company values. As a result, the firm recently released some critical questions they think can help determine if a person is a right match:

About the firm:

1. What’s your personal brand? A confident candidate will be able to communicate their core values and share their motivations and ambitions. Future Generation Marketing urges businesses to closely match values of the firm to their workforce to ensure brand integrity isn't compromised.

2. What is one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning? A motivated person will challenge obstacles and strive to win with whatever tools available. This is a great asset to any firm looking to grow and advance.

3. Are you entrepreneurial? What firm isn’t looking for self-motivated go-getters?

4. When did you start working? Those with naturally hardworking tendencies are more likely to seize opportunities to advance and upskill.

5. Do you like to get involved? Find out what a person wants to do in their spare time to gather an informed opinion on their personality. Sport-minded individuals thrive in a competitive environment as they push to win in all areas of their life.

6. Will you take ownership? Those committed to owning a project are more likely to develop into natural leaders, with the right mentoring they can advance businesses to the next level.

7. Will you challenge my ideas? Confidence to challenge authority constructively will help create new opportunities and develop new products. Firms should look for creative people to help them push the business to the next level.

Future Generation Marketing is keen to continuously build a strong company culture, and they believe that an integral part of this is the people they choose to onboard. Their three-stage interviewing process allows them to gain an understanding of their candidates and how they operate. The first stage is informal and designed to establish career goals and highlight inner values.

The second appointment allows each candidate to shadow a member of the firm and see if the opportunity is a suitable match for both parties. And the final interview ensures the candidate has fully understood the business model and that they would match the company culture and contract details finalised.

Future Generation Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Manchester. The company specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing which allows them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers directly.



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