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MarketStorm Global responds to study on how to modify an existing company culture

MarketStorm Global has responded to a study published in the Harvard Business Review on the subject of changing company culture, how this requires a movement rather than a mandate.

MarketStorm Global: About the company

The firm boasts an impressive company culture that is focused on aspirations, exceeding targets and a family-like atmosphere amongst all employees. As such, the company has researched into recent studies that are designed at modifying a current company culture in the hopes of guiding and advising other companies to develop such a working environment.

The case study of Dr Reddy and his global pharmaceutical company explored his desire to create a company culture focused on the ability to ‘be nimble, innovative, and patient-centred.’ The most effective form of changing the regimented, process focused and slowed current culture was to demonstrate the new focus, rather than enforce it. Many projects were devised within the workforce that highlighted innovation and customer centricity.

After a period, Dr Reddy’s employees were exposed to the real purpose of such company changes, and it was reported that a company culture shift was evident immediately, with a new company mission of “A contribution to good health, can’t wait.”

Research via the Harvard Business Review explores the parallels that can be drawn between the case study investigated above and the concept of movement. Researchers found that all changes start with an initial emotion and desire, a small action then breeds consistent success and invites more individuals into the campaign.

The above study was intuited through an evident desire by a variety of companies in varying industries to modify their current company culture, to enhance productivity and ultimately success. MarketStorm Global recognizes the importance of such a desire, as Miami’s premier sales and marketing firm they are eager to share the wisdom of areas in which they excel.

MarketStorm Global are eager to encourage businesses to adopt areas explore above, with process changes, projects and campaigns focused on the new company culture, rather than demanding a sudden shift in office atmosphere; with time will come a more organic and substantial change in a business environment. On the subject, CEO Gavin Walsh states that a business must “create a culture that people want to be part of.”



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CEO: Gavin Walsh

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