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Out of sight is out of their minds

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Out of sight is out of their minds

A spate of thefts from motor vehicles across Bury has led the police and council to issue a warning to motorists to remove items from their cars and make sure they are securely locked.

“As the daylight fades and the dark winter nights draw in, thieves have longer to go on the prowl undetected,” said Gaynor Mason crime reduction officer at Bury police, “Thieves are targeting cars in the dead of night  stealing anything of value and I mean anything, clothing, handbags, golf clubs, SAT NAV's, CD's, loose change nothing goes unnoticed or untouched”. She continued, “It's a crime of opportunity, a thief spots something through your window and that’s it, it and everything else in the car is gone in seconds”.

Two car crime hot spots have are Greemnount and Prestwich, with thieves targeting vehicles along or just off the A56 and A58. But this type of crime is happening across the borough.

Follow our top tips and keep thieves out of your vehicle!

  • Remove all items of property when you leave your vehicle including Sat Navs and their mounting cradles
  • Secure your vehicle with an immobiliser, audible alarm and a steering lock
  • Physically check your vehicle is locked if using a key fob, radio interference in your area can block the remote locking signal and leave your vehicle open when you think it's locked. Alternatively use the key which can be found on all key fobs even card keys.  
  • Park with care preferably in busy well-lit areas and check for CCTV cameras
  • If you have a garage, keep your car in it and remember to lock both your car and garage
  • Take care of your car keys - never leave them in the ignition when the vehicle is unattended and keep them out of sight away from windows and doors
  • Etch the glass in your wing mirrors and headlights as theft of car parts becomes more common.

For further information on how to keep you property safe visit Crime Reduction or contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.




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