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CloseUp PR interview with "The Bridge" actress viewed more than 32 000 times

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CloseUp PR interview with "The Bridge" actress viewed more than 32 000 times

Monika Agorelius’, from CloseUp PR and sister company CloseUp Productions, interview with Swedish actress Sofia Helin, who plays Saga Norén in the popular Swedish Danish drama series "The Bridge", has been viewed on YouTube more than 32 000 times.
The interview was conducted at the Nordicana film festival in London in 2014.

Season one and two of "The Bridge" is avaliable on DVD in the UK now, via Arrow Films.



CloseUp PR is a rapidly growing independent media and public relations company, based in the UK. Thanks to our extensive global network of dedicated creative professionals, we have developed a unique collective knowledge and experience within all areas of modern communication.

The CloseUp PR team is a multilingual international team, which includes publicity and marketing consultants, translators, writers, event planners, designers, copywriters, filmmakers, composers and photographers. 

CloseUp Productions is an independent media and production company, established in the UK, since 1988.

CloseUp Productions produces movie electronic press kits (EPK) and Making Of features for international television networks, internet and DVD extras, music videos, documentaries, corporate videos, as well as written content for print and internet publications.

CloseUp Productions is based in London, with offices in France, Los Angeles, New York and Sweden. CloseUp’s network of skilled collaborators includes freelance film, television and EPK crews as well as experienced directors, producers, composers, journalists, editors and film publicists.

With an international network of experienced media professionals, CloseUp has an excellent awareness of individual markets requirements.

These extensive networks allow CloseUp to be instrumental in helping coordinate international film shoots and junkets, on both large and small scales.

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Monika Agorelius, CloseUp PR

Monika Agorelius, CloseUp PR

Press contact PR & Marketing Consultant +44 (0)7785 71 21 86

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CloseUp PR is an independent PR consultancy agency, working primarily with film, music and plant-based food PR.

CloseUp PR offer a wide range of media consultancy services, including press releases, media relations, content production, photography, music, video and film productions, as well as social media management.

CloseUp PR's founder and managing director, Monika Agorelius, has a background as a journalist, editor, director, producer, having worked with magazines, newspapers, television and film productions companies all over the world.