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CloseUp PR promote Swedish Cinnamon Bun Day in the UK

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CloseUp PR promote Swedish Cinnamon Bun Day in the UK

Today, 4th of October, Swedes celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day, ('Kanelbullens dag'), and on this day alone more than 8 million cinnamon buns are sold in Sweden! Add to that the countless number of home-baked cinnamon buns consumed.

“Swedish Cinnamon Bun Day is starting to become a tradition in London as well,” says Monika Agorelius, owner and founder of CloseUp PR and sister company CloseUp Productions. “I work on an ongoing basis with TotallySwedish, which has two London stores and a web shop, looking after their PR and marketing."
TotallySwedish will sell copious amounts of cinnamon buns today, both a home-baked variety and a bakery version from the renowned Swedish bakery in Covent Garden simply called Bageriet, which is Swedish for ‘the bakery’.”

Monika Agorelius adds that the interest in Swedish baking has increased over the past couple of years.

“I believe that’s partly thanks to the popular BBC television programme The Great British Bake Off,” says Monika Agorelius, “after the contestants in last year’s show baked Swedish Princess Cakes we noticed a sales increase at TotallySwedish with ingredients such as green marzipan and Swedish custard, which can be tricky to find in the UK.”

Swedish food is more popular in the UK than ever before. The CloseUp PR team promotes Swedish cooking and baking via a number of different social media channels, including the popular Facebook page Swedish Recipes.
The team has also produced Swedish recipe cards for TotallySwedish, since noticing an increasing number of British customers in TotallySwedish stores asking for help in learning to cook their favourite dishes from scratch, such as pickled herring, meatballs, Västerbottens Cheese Pie, Princess Cake and – of course – cinnamon buns. TotallySwedish is one of the few places in the UK where you can get Swedish brand baking ingredients such as fresh yeast, vanilla sugar and pearl sugar.

Since the start of 2010, CloseUp PR has worked as PR and marketing consultants with a number of Swedish food manufactures, aimed at the UK market as well as the Nordic and European markets. Clients include Malmö chokladfabrik, Saxhyttegubben, Pyramidbageriet, Rawchokladfabriken, Fria Gluten Free, Lakritsfabriken, Frebaco Kvarn, as well as Husmansbord, which awards the best of locally produced Swedish food.

“It’s great to see more and more British people enjoying Swedish food and baking goods,” says Monika Agorelius. “I believe the Swedish food trend will continue to grow in the UK and I’m very much enjoy playing in part in it.”



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Monika Agorelius, CloseUp PR

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