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Cured Salmon and Dill Sautéed Potatoes ©Pure Scandinavian

Pure Scandinavian's ready meals are currently sold at John Lewis foodhalls from Waitrose, Oxford Street, London and Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, as part of a six week trial of Swedish foods. The trial is a result of collaboration between the Swedish Trade Council and Waitrose, and reflects the increasing interest in Swedish and Scandinavian food in the UK.

Among the most popular products from Pure Scandinavian's ready meals on trial are the Cured Salmon, the Dill Sautéed Potatoes and the Tangy Gravlax Sauce - which in combination serve up a perfect Swedish gourmet meal.
”As soon as we started offering samples of the salmon in the Oxford Street branch, it was selling like hot cakes,” says Pure Scandinavian's Information Coordinator, Ida Håkansdotter.

“The lingonberries – which can be described as a Nordic cousin of the cranberry – are also selling very well", adds Håkansdotter. British food lovers tell us they're inventing new ways of serving the lingonberries, which is interesting from a Swede's perspective. In Sweden lingonberry jam is traditionally served with meatballs or with pancakes. Over the last few weeks the Brits have taught me it also tastes great with yoghurt and crackers and cheese”.

Another top seller on trial in the UK are the Swedish Meatballs. The meatballs are pan fried, in the traditional way that every good Swedish mother would prepare the whole family's favourite meal.

Pure Scandinavian's meatballs are revolutionary in the sense that they are gluten-free.
“An increasing amount of people are intolerant to gluten, so we developed a meatball recipe where we use Fibrex® instead of breadcrumbs,” says Per-Gunnar Hansson, Founder and Managing Director of Villman & Co., manufacturer behind the Pure Scandinavian range. "Fibrex® is a naturally gluten-free fibre, retained from sugar beets and it's used in the meatballs as well as in the cabbage pudding, which is also on sale during the trial period in the UK".
More information about Fibrex®:

Last, but not least, on trial in the UK is the Cabbage Pudding, which consists of a layer of minced pork, topped with caramelised white cabbage. Cabbage Pudding is traditionally served with lingonberries, cream sauce and mashed potatoes or boiled parsley potatoes – all of which are available at John Lewis foodhalls from Waitrose, Oxford Street, London and Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, during the Swedish food trial.




Villman & Co. was founded in 2000 by Per-Gunnar Hansson. The company is a Swedish forerunner in the production of ready meals not containing any added chemical additives or preservatives. All the ready meals from Villman & Co. are packaged in environmentally friendly and recyclable cartons.

For further information please contact Ida Håkansdotter, Informations Coordinator:
Tel +44 (0)773-110-2660


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