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Fria is in the freezer section     Photo: Susanna Wyatt

A range of new gluten-free breads from Scandinavian market-leader Fria was launched in the UK last month, as part of a major Swedish food trial, in John Lewis foodhalls from Waitrose in Oxford Street, London and Bluewater, Kent.

Fria hosted two highly successful tasting days and many Coeliac UK members attended.  The sampling days proved a huge success, the response to Fria's gluten-free breads was really positive and the Fria team are really pleased with the outcome. The positive comments flowed and feedback shows that there's certainly a demand for Fria's products - the delicious brownies, muffins and buns as well as the breads and rolls.

"It's always exciting for coeliac's to have new gluten-free products available. I hope that Fria’s products will be a big success in the UK. Thank you for your exciting presentation", says  Daphne Paterson from the Sevenoaks Coeliac UK group who attended the tastings at John Lewis foodhalls from Waitrose in Bluewater.

Anders Nilback, Marketing Director and Head of International Sales, says: "The sampling days were a great success. Hundreds and of people tasted Fria's breads and the response and subsequent feedback has been really positive.  As a result, we've been contacted by gluten intolerant people from all over the country, enquiring about the products and asking when they'll be available in their local stores. Fria offers a new, different and much welcome taste and addition to the existing gluten-free breads available in the UK.'.

Some of the comments FRIA has received from satisfied consumers include...

"The Grova bread is LOVELY.  I'm a fan already!"

"Great product - I would buy it in my local supermarket"

"Very nice. I like the Grova bread best"

"Excellent, best gluten-free bread I have tasted!"

"Truly amazing!"

"I prefer Fria to the Genius bread and it fills you up for longer"

"Please send Fria to Newcastle in the North East!! I've just come back from Sweden and Fria do very tasty food!!"

"Will Fria be available in Scotland soon? I live in Glasgow and would be very interested"

Several articles about Fria, including Aftonbladet, Sweden's largest newspaper did a full page spread on Fria and the Swedish food trial in January:

Due to popular demand Fria have just announced that they'll be holding two new sampling days in February:

Wednesday 16th of February at John Lewis foodhall, Bluewater in Kent, from 11am - 7pm

Thursday 17th of February at John Lewis foodhall on Oxford Street, London, from 10am - 7pm

Fria's bread is sold in the freezer section. Either re-freeze when you get home, or defrost and eat as they are - or pop directly in the toaster from frozen.

Fria products for sale until 25th of Febuary:

Grova - a best-seller among gluten-free breads. A fibre-rich, dark sliced sandwich loaf enriched with linseed and caraway seeds.

Vita - white, high-fibre sliced loaf. A favourite and perfect for toast or a sandwich.

Mini Baguette - the ideal roll for lunch, an afternoon snack or homemade garlic bread.

Web site:


For further information about Fria, photographs, interviews and information about upcoming Fria events, please contact Fria's UK PR team:

Julia Jones, Tel: 07768 263279

Monika Agorelius, Tel: 07785 712186



The Scandinavian market leader in gluten-free bakery products Fria is an award-winning gluten-free bakery based in Sweden. Fria is family-owned and operated by Lena and Gunnar Adås. Fria was established in 1996 and has become the biggest and most successful gluten-free bakery in Scandinavia.
Fria’s products are baked in a dedicated gluten- and dairy-free facility using their own unique flour blend to assure delicious results. In order to guarantee product safety and quality, raw ingredients and finished products are continually checked in the bakery and the lab. Once baked, Fria's products are frozen to retain their fresh-baked flavour and texture.
Fria strives to increase awareness of the gluten-free market, and improve the lives of people with gluten intolerances by providing delicious, nutritious baked goods.


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