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Texas five-piece "powerhouse" Uncle Toasty drop debut video single 'The Butcher of Burundi'

Hailing from the Lone Star State of Texas, Uncle Toasty is a 5-piece powerhouse of raw, metallic, dissonant sounds that wail, screech and skronk their way on top of a thundering rhythm section that can only be described as a ‘bulldozer dancing through a china case’. 

These animal spirits waste no time in attacking the senses with their brand of tamed white noise which likens to a bastardised genome of Helios Creed and Big Black with modern DNA strands of Ty Segal and John Dwyer’s more abrasive guitar layers.

Bottom line: Uncle Toasty are a super-sonic, organically modified, BEAST that was created in a lab studio during the lockdown last year and will soon be freely released into the wild prairie. This isn't science fiction, kids. You have been warned. 

Filmed by Coffee Pot Films:

Husband - Adam Blanton
Wife - Kaitlin Sands

Director | Editor | Director of Photography - Ian McKenyon
Second Camera - Michael Rake
Gaffer - Ryan Serr
Grip - Joe Bannister
Grip - Anthony Milton
Grip - Miguel Tamayo

Filmed at Cloudland-Recording Studio

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