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The Dustaphonincs - Johnny & Bo
The Dustaphonincs - Johnny & Bo

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The Dustaphonics: London 'party beat' rockers reanimate with "Johnny & Bo" - new album release

Kingaling and Dirty Water Records present the fourth album from London Town’s R&B surf-rock’n’roll combo, The Dustaphonics. Like it's predecessors (Burlesque Queen, Party Girl & Big Smoke), this record is a fine mix of soul slamming, popped out powered, garage rock rave-ups, all fine tweaked by producer DJ Healer Selecta.

The title song is a tribute to two inspirational legends, Bo Diddley and Johnny Ramone, whose unique guitar styles influenced zillions of rockers the world over. Also included is an ode to the band's dear friend and fan Tura Satana, actress best known from her high-kicking jinks in Russ Meyer’s cult Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! - who sadly passed shortly after the first single of The Dustaphonics, which she also co-wrote.

The album boasts the uber-catchy “You Don’t Love Me Anymore," an uptempo garage punk version with one foot in 1966 Texas, the other in 1977 London, and a high octane R’n’B version complete with a honking horn section. If pounding surf is your thing, “Listen To Showman Twang” will have you hanging 10 with your toes on the nose. If groove is your move, you will need to shake your “thang” to the New Orleans funk of “Q Sounds Groove”. 

“Dreams on Screen (Dolce Vita Dream)” is a laidback slice of perfect cinematic pop; ideal for kicking back with a ”Cachaça” cocktail on a beach somewhere.The band reinvent a slinky version of Billy Gales/Ike Turner’s “I’m Hurting which will tug at the ol' heart strings.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a marvelous mélange of musical mayhem, everything draws to crashing crescendo with a breathtaking run-through of The Specials’ classic “Gangsters”, rearranged with a breaking, bad ass surf edge. The closing track “Love Jinx” is a top notch instrumental “Hammond” garage mod-rocker, perfect for a ride on Sunset Boulevard. With fantastic artwork by Tony Diavolo, Johnny & Bo” is a de-luxe lexicon of top quality R’n’B-based music styles that will shake up your party house all night long!

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The Dirty Water Club started in October 1996 in the Tufnell Park neighbourhood of north London, at a venue called The Boston. The club's name is derived from The Standells' 1966 hit 'Dirty Water' which glorifies the US city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Past performers have included The White Stripes (voted by Q Magazine as one of the top 10 gigs of all time, Mojo one of the top 30 and Kerrang one of the top 100!), The Gories, NOBUNNY, Kid Congo Powers (from the Cramps), The Fleshtones, Billy Childish, Radio Birdman, The Dirtbombs, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The's, The Horrors and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to name just a few. The club has also seen some original '60s performers, such as The Monks, ? and the Mysterians, Kim Fowley, Sky Saxon, GONN, Michael Davis of the MC5 and more grace its stage.

Their in-house record label, Dirty Water Records, is one of the leading garage/beat/(real) R&B labels in the world.


Matt Hunter

Matt Hunter

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