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What Is Airlaid?

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What Is Airlaid?

Airlaid is a common term used within the paper industry, particularly within a hospitality environment. First coined by Karl Krøyer in Denmark during the 1960s, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 1980s that it first appeared on a mass production level, after being sold to a company called M&J Fibertech.

It refers to a textile-like material, on par with linen fabric, manufactured from natural wood fibres and compressed into its final form by air. Where traditional napkins utilised water in the production process, airlaid napkins offer a more environmentally friendly solution using minimal energy in comparison as no water has to be evaporated. The result is a bulky, softer and more porous material which is stronger than standard tissue, even when wet.

The Benefits

  • In a restaurant scenario with high usage, airlaid paper napkins are considered to be more sustainable than traditional linen napkins when taking into account the full product lifecycle – from production to end life. Switching to airlaid means you’re getting the same premium quality as your linen alternative but, with an improved carbon footprint and more convenience as you don’t need to worry about laundry at the end of each service.
  • Has a similar look and feel to linen fabric napkins but allows for flexibility. Easily update your table settings in line with seasons and occasions such as Christmas and Easter without the substantial replacement cost which is associated with linen.
  • Customise your napkins with your branding and logo to improve your brand awareness and take advantage of social media trends as a free marketing tool, utilising Instagram selfies where customers post organically from your restaurant.
  • Offers excellent water absorption properties, making it easier to clean up accidental spills and reducing the volume of napkins your customer needs to use.

Our Airlaid materials

Dunisoft®: Linen-like high-quality material with high absorbency to last several courses. Premium feel without the hassle of laundering linen. The airlaid material, offers bulky, porous and soft properties making it much stronger in comparison to standard tissue. Commonly used in restaurants, pubs, hotels, bars and cafes, and available in over 20 plain colours plus designs.

Dunilin®: Softer, richly embossed and industrially compostable. Dunilin® offers excellent foldability and durability with its textile-like embossing and is ideal for restaurants and hotels looking to offer a premium dining experience for their customers.


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