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EPISODE 004 - Minett Trail - Les porteurs de projets ont la parole.

Anouk Boever-Thill
Präsidentin des Gemeindesyndikats ProSud / Présidente du syndicat de communes ProSud

Our Southern Region has a huge amount to offer. From nature via culture and the different people that live here to of course our historic past of the steel industry. That is also the reason for the “Minett Trail” that connects the 11 southern communes together and with which we can really showcase each commune in a fantastic manner by using the walking trail, where all the cycling paths are connected as well and where it is possible to walk 70 km through the beautiful Southern Region, learn about the history and also see the vast nature we have here and that we want to show you.

The “Minett Trail” does not only offer a walking trail, but it also offers the opportunity to spend the night in a great place in each commune. They are guest houses that are very innovative and have not existed as such and are integrated into nature. This can be a train carriage, an old school or even a newbuild, and these guest houses are ecologically integrated into nature.

Under the topic “Remix Nature”, we aim to connect the architecture, through the guest houses and through the fallows, with our historic past and also with nature, both as it was in the past and how it has transformed itself today and how we can show it to you today.




Jessika Rauch

Press contact Lead PR & Media Esch2022 +352 28 83 2022

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