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EWPL Ocean will inspect Offshore WTG Blade Assessment more efficient through drones and AI-assessments. Photo:
EWPL Ocean will inspect Offshore WTG Blade Assessment more efficient through drones and AI-assessments. Photo:

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New blade inspection concept enables Eneco to utilize full blade repair season

It was a joint ambition to change wind turbine inspections for the better that made ESVAGT and Wind Power LAB launch EWPL Ocean and a new service concept for offshore WTG Blade Assessment through drone inspections and artificial intelligence powered defect assessments.

EWPL Ocean teamed up with the Dutch energy company Eneco for the inspection and assessment of 60 wind turbines in PrinsesAmaliawindpark in the Netherlands earlier this year, and the results have been solid.Delivering blade defect assessment reporting before the traditional repair season even starts shows the value of EWPL Ocean off-season inspection capabilities.

We are provided with more precise blade defect assessment material prior to the repair season, handed over to us through great customer service in a way where we were directed to relevant blade issues to prioritize. This enables us to challenge and alter our planned blade repair scope and organize our maintenance and repair execution much more effectively’, says Ina Barge, Asset Manager Offshore Wind, Eneco.

Anders Røpke, CEO at EWPL Ocean, is delighted with a customer approved concept:

‘It is very pleasing to see our innovative approach resonate well with our customers. I am very happy to see the faith in the concept materialize in high quality blade defect insights delivered before the repair season kicked in, Anders Røpke says.

EWPL Ocean Chairman Søren Karas is also very pleased to see the vision of a smarter concept become concrete and work:

‘We aim to make offshore wind turbine inspections and analysis easier, more flexible and better than ever before. We are committed to provide new solutions to the industry and I am delighted that Eneco, an innovative and respected energy company, sees potential in our solution and adopted the concept into their own maintenance and repair planning.’, Søren Karas says.


The EWPL Ocean-concept provides blade inspection via drones and artificial intelligence-based analysis services. The service absorbs weather risks, increases the flexibility and lowers costs. It offers improved inspections of a consistent and high quality and offers a range of options for further analysis.



Heidi Boddum

Heidi Boddum

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