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Timeshare relinquishment experts explain the hows and whys
Timeshare relinquishment experts explain the hows and whys

Press release -

American Consumer Claims (ECC's US division) work celebrated in New York Post

American Consumer Claims (ACC)'s work on behalf of US timeshare victims is achieving recognition on a national level within the USA.

Media powerhouse New York Post investigates the timeshare problem, and how ACC is working to solve it.

American Consumer Claims

ACC: Relinquishment firm with 7 years experience

American Consumer Claims is the American arm of European timeshare claims and relinquishment giant, European Consumer Claims (ECC).

ECC have been assisting timeshare victims in Europe since 2016, not only freeing people from unwanted contracts, but also claiming compensation in cases where they were mis-sold.

In the seven years since their inception, ECC/ACC have won 1364 cases against timeshare companies and won over £25.5 million in compensation awards. They are currently managing a timeshare claims portfolio worth over £100 million.

ECC/ACC have also helped over 2800 people achieve freedom from unwanted timeshare ownerships.

New York Post (NYP)

New York Post is a 222 year old American newspaper (that's right - over two centuries!). With a daily print circulation of 146,649 and an average monthly online page-reach of 550 million people, it is one of the leading news publishers in the USA.

New York Post founder: Alexander Hamilton

NYP report on all the major issues facing ordinary Americans, from politics to entertainment, cost of living challenges and sports. Their reach is broad and their influence considerable.

On the 1st November 2023, they focussed their powerful, journalistic gaze on the challenge of constrictive US timeshare contracts. The article took up a full page and outlined not only the issues surrounding high pressure timeshare sales, but the work being done to free people from timeshare memberships they no longer use or want.

The NYP piece quickly ascertained that there are many, many incompetent and even dishonest firms taking money from timeshare owners for 'exit services.' Services they fail to deliver.

New York Post highlights ACC/ECC, as trustworthy experts and leaders in the fight against unfair timeshare contracts, and published this inciteful and useful article.

A big step forward

Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims believes this is a positive development for US timeshare victims: "In the US people face the same problems with timeshare as they do in Europe. They are tied in to contracts which do not make financial sense and are desperate to escape."

European Consumer Claims founder: Andrew Cooper

"Many members have paid money to exit companies in the USA who failed to deliver," continues Cooper.

"ECC and ACC are here to provide an alternative reliable, experienced and capable option for those American owners who don't know where to turn.

"It is great news for everyone concerned that the New York Post is helping to spread that message."

Trapped timeshare owners in the USA, or anywhere else in the world are welcome to get in touch with our marketing division, Timeshare Advice Centre, for free, confidential advice regarding their options.

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