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Innovating across a nation - Active Partnerships at Active London

In a week which began with the announcement of new guidance from the UK’s Chief Medical Officers on how much physical activity people should be doing to improve their health, a coalition of Active Partnerships came together around London Sport’s Active London conference to demonstrate the ways that new ‘on-demand’ interventions could contribute to individuals’ physical activity needs.

Amid its focus on championing innovation in the ways the physical activity and sport sector works, Active London also served to showcase the potential contained within the national network of Active Partnerships as ten regions around the country took part in a live demonstration of the new 10Today initiative.

The initiative, a collaboration between Anchor Hanover and Demos, and backed by Sport England, launched in mid-2019 to provide radio and online exercise programmes targeting older adults across the UK. Drawing its initial inspiration from the longstanding Japanese public exercise programme Rajio Taisō, 10Today formed a key component of Active London as its designer Terry Keen led the conference audience and a network of ten Active Partnerships through a live session designed to demonstrate the simple ways that new and adapted innovation could help meet the country’s long-term physical activity delivery aims.

With updated CMO guidance highlighting the value of daily physical activity at all stages of life and a clear message that any exposure to physical activity is better than none at all, the importance of identifying a range of scalable solutions to meet the needs of people in all parts of the country has never been more acute. By joining together the innovative approaches contained within 10Today and the collective reach of Active Partnerships around the country, the joint session helped to demonstrate the simple ways that shared physical activity objectives can be trialled, implemented and delivered through different partnerships and networks across England.

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