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"Towering away!". A cityscape painting with a difference. Tower bridge and the Shad in various shades of grey.

Mas.s has followed upon his successful Artfair in Battersea with another cityscape. He has painted Tower Bridge and The Shad in his signature style. The colourful sunset and the everflowing water sandwiching human endeavours to build impressive constructions.  "I like to look beyond the human endeavour, to the natural beauty and the truths they convey. It makes our buildings look grey to me."

He says; ultimately the beauty and vastness of the universe dwarfs "the build to impress" by the human race. And a race it is. Higher and higher, yes, but more beautiful? Come on! Every day the sun plays with our perceptions of beauty. Sunrise, noon or sunset, visible or invisible, are true reminders of infinite beauty. I have added the ever flowing water of the Thames as a reminder of true power and necessities of life. In contrast to these two truths I have painted both Tower Bridge and the shad in various shades of grey. They are merely one stone placed on top of another and/or very clever steel constructions. Beautiful but obscured by the water foreground and backdrop of the universe. 

More of his works can be found on or Gagliardi Gallery ( in London.


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