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"21st century grandson of Van Gogh". Istanbul embraces Marcel Schreur.

Marcel Schreur, the award winning artist, just came back from a 6 day solo exhibition in Tuzla, Istanbul. The artist was warmly embraced by the local public, artist community, intelligentsia and children alike. Hailed as the 21st century Grandson of Van Gogh. The cross cultural and cross denominational art show "Life is Beautiful. Always", was well received in this vibrant metropolis. 

His style of painting, with immense texture, is unique and flows easily from conceptual to portraiture and from landscape to abstract without losing cohesion or identity. The colourful and vibrant artwork of the Dutchman was shown in the municipal art gallery of Tuzla in Istanbul, one week after his work was viewed by over 450 global leaders during the UN Global Forum on Migration and Development and the Civil Society days, in the centre of Istanbul. 

Hundreds of people attended the unique and uplifting art show. Local TV, radio and art press came out for interviews. Large banners were displayed throughout the town introducing the artist who lives and works in London. 

Schreur was also invited to participate in the Universal Kids Film Festival in Tuzla with an art workshop and his video clip "Life is beautiful. Always". This event was sadly cancelled by the State due to the bomb blast in the Turkish capital on the 10th of October which killed over 100 people and the possibility of civil unrest running up to the forthcoming elections. 

Schreur was asked by many visitors who came to the show about his view on the recent developments around the bridge connecting Asia and Europe. He says "I refuse to give in to the practicalities or thought of fear, violence, terror, intimidation, manipulation and conditioning of the mind on either side. I am here as a human being, convinced of the common ground and goodness we all have. We are all of the same blood, the same heart, have the same necessity of community and love. I do not believe in division but in sharing goodness. Steering away from this bad spiral of thought. Art has an all important role in this process. Bringing inspiration, colour and hope to all corners of the world. Stirring the soul. Making people stop, look and ponder. Connecting people with their own reality and uniqueness. Lifting up heads and getting people to look at the bright side of life." 

One of the highlights of the week, for the warm hearted Schreur, was the art workshop with 7-11 year olds. He goes on "Unlocking the heart and inspiring children is probably the most beautiful side of my work. Guiding young ones out of possible isolation, to express themselves freely and nurturing that process is a responsible and very important task of every adult and the key to a better and more caring society. Plans are drawn up for similar art events in the middle east in the coming years. Bridging differences and creating unity in the diversity.

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My name is Marcel Schreur. My artist name is Mas.s. I have found the creativity to express myself in painting,meriting and filming. Intrigued by contemporary society, the beauty of nature and the human race is. I love life. Life is beautiful. Always. I bleed my life on to canvas. Vibrant, colourful, positive, dynamic, freedom of movement are hallmarks of my work

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