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"Nowhere to hide" did it's title proud.
"Nowhere to hide" did it's title proud.

Press release -

"Nowhere to hide" sculpture awarded at successful London Art Biennale.

Kingston based artist Marcel Schreur saw his sculpture take a third prize in the prestigious London Art Biennale. 120 artists from 40 countries gathered in the Chelsea Old Town Hall last week to celebrate the gift of art. Thousands people flooded into this beautiful venue and impressive art exhibition over the course of 5 days.  The show was opened by the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, Councillor Mrs. Elizabeth Rutherford. 

Schreur says about the work: "Nowhere to hide" is a 2 meter statue mirroring the fragility of life and the moment in time when every single one of us finds out that we can not hide ourselves behind anything. That we have to face ourselves. Do we stay and contemplate its meaning or do we run and hide behind the bushes from this existential and universal truth".



My name is Marcel Schreur. My artist name is Mas.s. I have found the creativity to express myself in painting,meriting and filming. Intrigued by contemporary society, the beauty of nature and the human race is. I love life. Life is beautiful. Always. I bleed my life on to canvas. Vibrant, colourful, positive, dynamic, freedom of movement are hallmarks of my work.

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Marcel Schreur

Marcel Schreur

Press contact Visual Artist 0777 232 1772

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Life is beautiful. Always

I wish for my art to create a universe from a viewpoint of peace and tranquillity. I intend for my works to be expressive and passionate while delicate in shape and composition. I very much like to work with colours and spend quality time on the execution but also on the concepts that I am trying to communicate eloquently. I believe that my work can be defined as "Art of the Mind" but also as "Art of the Spirit", touching upon ideas and sentiments that are important and too often neglected. I like my work to be able to speak to and intrigue the viewer.

Marcel Schreur
United Kingdom